In the Setagaya Park in Setagaya, Tokyo, there is a large fountain pond and SL which are both look equally outstanding. In 2012, a store that serves apple pie and coffee was opened next to this park which is beautiful with the four season changes. This time, FUN! JAPAN team has visited the first store of Apple Pie, "GRANNY SMITH APPLE PIE & COFFEE", "Mishuku Store" which use plenty of filling made by Japan local apple.

Nostalgic taste apple pie with the concept of "Grandma's taste”

The "Misshuku store" located in the residential area of Setagaya, with its exterior and interior full with the warmth of wood drifts, just like countryside with a nice and old traditional atmosphere. As I get closer could smell the nice scent of apple pie and I could see many types of apple pies lining up in the product case in the store. There are four popular products in "Granny Smith" of original flavor "DUTCH CRUMBLE" with crumble topping which is commonly made at American homes, "CLASSIC RUM RAISIN" with rum raisin flavor, "FRENCH D'MANDES" with almond cream, and "ENGLAND CUSTARD" with plenty of homemade custard. The store offers about 8 types of apple pie every day, including the seasonal taste and store-special flavor.

Apple used are the apple directly delivered from contracted apple farmer and contracted shop

In order to reproduce "grandma’s taste" and to bring out the original taste of an apple, there isn’t any extra seasoning to be added to the apple pie. The original texture and sweetness of the apple well remain. Actually, the store name "Granny Smith" is also a type of apple. The store has contracted with Aomori and Nagano apple farmers as their exclusive farmhouse. Various apple pies are developed depending on the characteristics of various apples and also depending on the season. There are over 40 types of recipes that offered by the store so far. Also, coffee and tea which sold at the store are an organic product.

Store limited product which you can only find at this store.

Although Mishuku store is only available for takeaway service, there are chairs outside the store where you can taste the apple pie on the spot. Since there is a large logo drawn on the wall outside of the store, it has also become a spot for the customer to take photograph and upload to Instagram. Besides, you can also bring the apple to the park, find a place to enjoy eating your apple pie relaxingly. This time, FUN! JAPAN team has brought back "Tarte Tatin” and "Dry fig and walnut Cream Cheese Apple Pie".

"Tarte Tatin"(photo on left) is a French traditional dessert which born from a failure when trying to make an apple pie. It was rearranged into a pie dough in Granny Smith style. You can enjoy the flavor of bittersweet adult’s flavor which made from the sour type apples. The price of a cut is 500 yen excluding tax. While "Dry fig and walnut cream cheese apple pie" (photo on right) is a winter limited product that only sold on limited period until 24th February 2019. After topping up the dry fig and walnut on a honey scented cream cheese, the pie is then baked together with apple. The price of each cut is 450 yen excluding tax. Another feature of "Granny Smith" is that every store has their special limited product. You cannot get to taste it unless you go to that store. Please refer to the store information below in order to check the details for a limited product for each store.

When you visit Mishuku store, you can feel the atmosphere like you are not in Tokyo. After entering this quiet residential area, try to lower down your walking speed and take a relaxing walk there. Don’t you think is a good idea to organize a special trip to buy a Granny Smith's apple pie and coffee, and taste it in the park?

Store information

  • Store name: GRANNY SMITH APPLE PIE & COFFEE Mishuku Store
  • Address: 1-46-10 Shimiuma Setagaya-ku, Tokyo
  • Business Hours: 10:00-20:00
  • Access: approximately 13 minutes’ walk from Tokyu Den’entoshi line "Ikejiri Ohashi" station, or 15 minutes’ walk from "Sangenjaya" station
  • Information for other stores: