All about Ameyoko or Ameya Yokocho in Tokyo

Ameyoko is one of the liveliest places in Tokyo. Loud shouts from fish stores and snack stores easily draw your attention. At this place, you can buy pre-cut fruits and snacks, and eat on the side of the streets. Also, it is good to have lunch or dinner at a Izakaya (Japanese pub) located there. Many stores on this street close around 8 pm, so it is better to visit before the sun sets.

Ameyoko; a very lively shopping street in Tokyo

Ameyoko is located at east side of the old town area, and this shopping street supports the local people's lifestyle. There are a lot of food supplies stores selling fresh fish, food produces and so on. This street is famous for always being crowded with a lot of customers. Most of stores are tiny, but they have a large selection of items. Most of products they sell are sold out by the time they close their stores.

Focus on sales people’s shout

In Ameyoko, sales staff are always shouting “It’s cheap” or  “I’ll give you a discount” in front of their stores. You can enjoy Japan’s busy atmosphere, so this place is an irreplaceable attraction spot for tourists. Many store employees can speak foreign languages, such as Chinese, English and so on, so you can enjoy shopping without the language barrier.

The famous snack shop, Shimura Shoten

There are many famous stores in Ameyoko, but Shimura Shoten is one of the most famous one. This store is famous for its snack bargain sale performance. They fill snacks into bags with shouting “Let’s just put more!” or “One more for free!”. Until a bag is filled up with snacks they keep putting more in! If you want to know how much snacks you can get, you should go there to buy a bag of snack.

Ameyoko Gourmet is FUN! 

We recommend you enjoy food when you come to Ameyoko. The easiest food to eat is pre-cut fruits. Fruits, such as melon, strawberry, pineapple and so on are cut to bite-size and skewered, so it is easy to carry it around. Also, you can find some stores sell typical food stand foods such as takoyaki or okonomiyaki. 

Enjoy food and alcohol at Izakaya

Enjoy food and alcohol at Izakaya

Izakaya is a traditional Japanese bar. At a regular Izakaya, you can enjoy some traditional foods such as stew and yakitori while drinking alcohol. Each table is so close each other, you can get to know people who sit around your table.

Visit Ameyoko in Early Hours

It depends on stores, but a lot of stores which sell foods, clothes and general goods close around 8 pm on weekdays and weekends. So, if you want to get some souvenir, you should go there early. However, many restaurants are open until late at night. 

Access to Ameyoko

Ameyoko is located between Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station. Many of fresh fish stores are located between the station and Ameyoko Center Building, and Shimura Shoten is located north side of them. This area is the busiest area of Ameyoko.

Okachimachi Station is third stop from Tokyo Station and next to Akihabara Station when you use JR Yamanote Line. When you come to Ameyoko from Ginza, you can use Ginza line and you will arrive at Ueno Station in 11 minutes.

Spot Information

  •  Spot Name: Ameya Yokocho
  •  Address: 4 Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005