7 Popular Experiential Activities in Tokyo! From Couples to Families with Children

In this article, we introduce popular experiential activities in Tokyo. We will introduce activities that can be enjoyed in various scenes such as alone, couples, and with children. Be sure to refer to this article when you go out in Tokyo.

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Top 7 popular experiential activities in Tokyo!

Tokyo, the hub of information and trends, sees new facilities opening one after another every year. In this article, we will reintroduce popular activities for tourists.

1. Tokyo Skytree

Tokyo Skytree
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Standing at a height of 634m, it boasts the title of the tallest tower in the world. It is equipped with the commercial facility Tokyo Solamachi and the office building Tokyo Skytree East Tower, making it a spot where you can spend the whole day without getting bored.

From the observatory, you can overlook Tokyo and even see Tokyo Tower and Mount Fuji. Use coupons available at Tokyo Solamachi to enjoy sightseeing at a great deal.

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One of the world's largest miniature theme parks. The main floor of the building features six areas, including a Space Center area, a Sailor Moon area, and an Evangelion Hangar area. In the vast runway area, the Kansai Airport area, the takeoff and landing of airplanes are actually reproduced, allowing you to experience an overwhelming sense of immersion.

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3. Tokyo Metro Subway Ticket

Tokyo Metro Subway Ticket
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There's no need to queue up to buy tickets, and with 13 Tokyo Metro lines and 250 stations covered, you can basically visit most areas. This is a Tokyo travel ticket exclusive to foreign tourists, so why not take advantage of it when you visit Tokyo?

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4. teamLab Planets TOKYO Toyosu

teamLab Planets TOKYO Toyosu
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TeamLab, a team that develops systems and digital content using the latest technology. TeamLab Planets TOKYO Toyosu is a new sensory theme park where you can immerse yourself in super-giant art and become one with the artwork. Located near Yurikamome Shin-Toyosu Station, it's a digital art experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

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5. Warner Brothers Studio Tour Tokyo

A new attraction facility born in 2023, irresistible for fans who can see behind the scenes of the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series. It's the first opening in Asia, and it's the largest indoor facility for Harry Potter in the world.

In addition to the exhibits, there are attractions that make you feel as if you've actually entered the movie, allowing you to have an immersive experience. Because it was built on a vast site, there are voices saying that it cannot be fully covered in a day. It's a wonderful facility where you can make new discoveries every time you go.

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6. Tokyo Joypolis

Tokyo Joypolis
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Located inside Decks Tokyo Beach, an indoor amusement park in Odaiba, Tokyo, you can enjoy it without worrying about the weather, even on rainy days. The attractions, which make full use of the latest technology, stimulate your five senses.

Tickets that include admission and unlimited rides are available at a great deal, so be sure to check in advance when you visit.

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7. Asakusa Kimono Rental CoCoRo Kimono Hall

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You can choose your favorite design from a wide range of kimonos and accessories, and the staff will handle your hair set. They offer services in Chinese and Japanese, and there is also a convenient luggage storage service for tourists.

Blend into the city while exploring Asakusa in a kimono and elevate your mood.

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Enjoy Experiential Activities in Tokyo!

We have introduced popular experiential activities in Tokyo so far. Experience the cutting-edge in Tokyo, the center of information, while learning about history and tradition. Please enjoy the various faces of Tokyo.


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