7 Popular Experiential Activities in Kyoto! From Kimono Rental to Rickshaw

In this article, we will introduce popular experiential activities in Kyoto. Kyoto attracts many tourists from overseas, and activities that rediscover Japanese history and traditional culture, such as tea room experiences and Japanese sweets making, are very popular. In addition, there are many activities where you can enjoy the extraordinary, such as strolling around the city in a kimono and sightseeing guidance by rickshaw. Please refer to this article when you want to fully enjoy the extraordinary in Kyoto.

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Top 7 Popular Experiential Activities in Kyoto!

Kyoto offers a variety of enriching experience activities. There are those that let you feel the traditional culture of Kyoto, and those that let you feel the present Kyoto. Enjoy extraordinary experiences that you can't taste in everyday life in Kyoto. The way of enjoying changes depending on the season, so let's enjoy the activities while enjoying the changing face of Kyoto in each season.

1. Kimono Rental

Kimono rental is one of the most popular activities in Kyoto. It can be enjoyed casually by couples, girls' trips, and parent-child pairs. Services such as free hair setting, whether it can be used in rainy weather, and language support vary by store, so it's best to check in advance.

Among the shops where you can experience this, it's not uncommon to find shops that offer women-only hair setting services. There are many shops within walking distance of Kiyomizu-dera and Yasaka Shrine, and if the shop supports multiple languages, you can experience it with peace of mind.

2. Wagashi Making

One popular activity in Kyoto is making traditional Japanese sweets. Just as Japan has four seasons, so do its sweets. For New Year's, there are plum sweets, cherry blossoms for spring, water-themed sweets for summer, autumn leaves for fall, and snow for winter. The sweets you make change every month, so you can experience making sweets of various seasons no matter when you visit.

At An Kyoto, there are fun learning programs available, currently only available in Japanese. Kanshundo, which has venues in Higashiyama Kiyomizu-dera and Sagano Arashiyama, offers four types of sweet-making experiences.

3. Traditional Cultural Experience

Kyoto, where many traditional Japanese streetscapes remain. You can also experience tea rooms and thatched roof roofing.

In a traditional tea room, you can experience the teachings of orthodox tea ceremony and enjoy the harmony of the sounds of tea ceremony through its tranquility. In Miyama, you can experience roof thatching directly taught by thatched roof craftsmen in a safe environment. Taste the feeling of being a craftsman with an original happi coat and hand towel, and create unique memories with your loved ones.

4. Day Trip to Explore Kyoto

Kyoto is home to various tourist attractions. There are plenty of day tours available that cover places like Arashiyama, Fushimi Inari, and Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto.

If you want to cover the famous spots in a short time, or if you find it troublesome to research how to get to each tourist spot, these tours are recommended. They allow you to enjoy a fulfilling Kyoto experience without any hassle, especially for those who feel this way.

5. River Boat Ride Downstream

A river descent with a strong activity element. It may be hard to imagine a river descent in Kyoto, but the Hozu River descent, which offers different views in each of the four seasons, is particularly famous. You can enjoy the tranquility of untouched nature as you pass through the gorge. There are also tours where you can enjoy the Sagano Romantic Train and Arashiyama sightseeing together. The Sagano Romantic Train is a tourist train that connects Arashiyama and Kameoka, and is popular for its views along the Hozu River.

6. Accessory Making

Accessory making is also a popular experience in Kyoto. From traditional Japanese hair ornaments and brooches to everyday silver accessories, there are various shops available. Making accessories at your travel destination should make for a great memory.

At Glass Studio Raimu, you can create your own original accessories with stained glass. It might be a good idea to create a unique, one-of-a-kind accessory as a gift for someone special.

Of course, you can also make them in pairs for yourself, so you can leave a tangible memory of your trip with your partner or friends. It takes 4-5 days to complete the firing, so you need to schedule with plenty of time to spare.

  • Kyoto | Stained Glass Accessory Making | Glasswork

7. Rickshaw Experience

If you're touring the famous sites of Kyoto, a rickshaw ride is also recommended. Rickshaw experiences are mainly conducted in the Gion and Kiyomizu-dera area and the Arashiyama area.

At Ebisuya in Arashiyama, they offer a variety of rickshaw sightseeing plans. The plans are divided according to the required time and the area you want to visit, so you can use it during your trip, or spend a whole day exploring Kyoto, according to your travel plan.

If you explore under the guidance of someone who knows Kyoto inside out, you might discover a new Kyoto that you wouldn't find on your own.

Try popular kimono rentals and rickshaw experiences in Kyoto!

We have introduced popular experience activities in Kyoto so far. In Kyoto, you can enjoy sightseeing and experiences while enjoying the changes of the four seasons, so why not find your own Kyoto by referring to this article?


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