【2023 Edition】Top 5 carefully selected souvenirs you can buy at Tokyo Station: delicious & look great on social media!

There are so many types of souvenirs you can buy in Tokyo that sometimes it can be hard to decide which one to choose. In this article, we will introduce 5 carefully selected Tokyo souvenirs that are popular among Japanese people and are currently trending. What's more, we have also tried all of them and here are our food reviews!

The products include bouquet cookies and Tokyo Station-limited edition items, which are not only delicious but also perfect for social media. You can buy all of these at once inside Tokyo Station, so be sure to get them on your next trip to Tokyo!

※The products and their prices (including tax) featured in this article are all as of July 2023. The content may have changed, so please check the details on the official website of each store.

Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ①: "Gracia" by AUDREY

Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ①: 'Gracia' /AUDREY
Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ①: 'Gracia' /AUDREY

Since its opening in 2014, the bouquet-like baked sweet "Gracia" has been loved by the locals. The milky cream makes a perfect match with the sweet and sour strawberries that offers a good flavour balance. Once you open the asthetic package, you will find individually wrapped strawberry bouquet-shaped baked sweets inside that come in two flavors: milk and chocolate.

With its cute appearance and individual packaging, it's easy to distribute and perfect for souvenirs! Furthermore, you can also enjoy it as a refreshing sweet when chilled it, so please refiegerate it before eating. If you are looking for any stylish and delicious snack as a souvenir, this is definitely one of the options.

Tasting and reviewing on "Gracia"!

The outer cookie is rolled up like a bouquet and has a cute shape! Inside, it is filled with a smooth milky cream and dried strawberries. The crispy texture of the cookie dough gives a fun texture, and the cream inside melts in your mouth. Also the compatibility with the sour and sweet dried strawberries is exquisite. Furthermore, it is recommended to eat it after chilling it in the refrigerator as it enhances the crispiness.


  • Gracia Milk 8 pieces / Gracia Chocolate 8 pieces 1,296 yen
  • Gracia Milk 12 pieces / Gracia Chocolate 12 pieces 1,944 yen

Purchase Location:

  • AUDREY Gransta Tokyo Store: JR Tokyo Station B1F Gransta Tokyo (Silver Bell Area)

Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ②: "Cheese Chocolate Burger" & "Strawberry Burger" by CAPTAIN SWEETS BURGER

Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station #2: 'Cheese Chocolate Burger' & 'Strawberry Burger' / CAPTAIN SWEETS BURGER
Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station #2: 'Cheese Chocolate Burger' & 'Strawberry Burger' / CAPTAIN SWEETS BURGER

"CAPTAIN SWEETS BURGER" is a sweets burger brand that prides itself on its overflowing volume.

Two popular staple products are the "Cheese Chocolate Burger" and the "Strawberry Burger" which look just like fast food burgers. The packaging resembles the shape of a burger box, which is super cute! The combination that brings out the deliciousness of the ingredients and the variety of textures will surely captivate you with just one bite! It's a snack that offers double delight with its authentic hamburger-like appearance and taste.

Tasting and reviewing on the "Cheese Chocolate Burger" & "Strawberry Burger"!

The sweets burger, which sandwiches a thick chocolate between crispy cookies, is satisfying to eat. The cheddar cheese chocolate is sticking out from the buns cookie of the "Cheese Chocolate Burger". When you take a bite, you will experience the rich aroma unique to cheese, along with a delightful sweet and salty flavor. The charming strawberry-flavored bun of the "Strawberry Burger" is another highlight. You can taste the exquisite harmony of the sweet and sour taste of strawberries and the sweetness of chocolate.


  • 3 pieces (box type) 648 yen for any type

Purchase location:

  • CAPTAIN SWEETS BURGER Tokyo Station Ekilabo South Passage Store: JR Tokyo Station 1F Conventional Line Ticket Gate (South Passage Area)

Recommended Souvenir at Tokyo Station ③: Sand Cookie "Hazelnut and Raspberry" by COCORIS

Recommended Souvenir at Tokyo Station #3: Sandwich Cookie 'Hazelnut and Raspberry' / COCORIS
Recommended Souvenir at Tokyo Station #3: Sandwich Cookie 'Hazelnut and Raspberry' / COCORIS

As the concept of "COCORIS", "sun kissed sweets that taste like nuts" suggests, inside the package are two types of sand cookies, "Hazelnut" and "Raspberry", each coated with a rich hazelnut paste and a flavorful raspberry paste in Spanish milk chocolate and sandwiched with original cookies. It is exclusively available at Tokyo Station's "Gransta Tokyo". As they could run out of stock, it's best to visit early to ensure availability. In fact, there was a significant queue on the day we actually visited the store.

The package, with its elegant and cute girl illustration, is so attractive. Since it's a rare item exclusive to Tokyo Station, be sure to check it out if you're buying souvenirs at Tokyo Station!

Tasting and reviewing on "Hazelnut and Raspberry"!

The cookies on the outside are crunchy, the hazelnut ones are intense and toasty, and the strawberry ones offer a sweet and tangy fruity scent.

The combination of hazelnuts, raspberry paste, and rich chocolate is perfect! With each bite, you can enjoy the exquisite balance of these flavors without getting tired of it. Both flavors are so delicious that they will leave a lasting impression and make you want to eat them again and again!


  • 6 pieces 1,296 yen (2 types assortment)
  • 10 pieces 2,160 yen (2 types assortment)
  • 16 pieces 3,456 yen (2 types assortment)

Purchase Location:

  • COCORIS Gransta Tokyo Store: 1F Gransta Tokyo, JR Tokyo Station (Central Passage Area)

Recommended Souvenir from Tokyo Station ④: 'Hagino Shirabe Koh White' by Kasho Sanzen

Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ④: 'Hagino Shirabe Koh White'/Kasho Sanzen
Recommended Souvenirs from Tokyo Station ④: 'Hagino Shirabe Koh White'/Kasho Sanzen

"Hagino Shirabe Koh" is a sister product of the famous Sendai confectionery "Hagi no Tsuki". Using pure "White Egg" and a proprietary process, its "White Cream," which is enveloped in white sponge cake is shaped for easy consumption.

"Hagino Shirabe Koh" is one product exclusive to Tokyo. Not only the taste, but also the design of the outer box has a sense of luxury, making it an ideal souvenir for close friends and family. However, please note that the shelf life is about two weeks.

Tasting and reviewing on "Hagino Shirabe Koh White" in person!

The sweetness of the white custard cream is just right, harmonizing with the fluffy dough the moment you eat it. The deliciousness spreads all over your mouth, making it a top-notch item. The moderate sweetness is ephemeral and possessed a light-snow texture that disappears softly in your mouth. If you eat it chilled, the sweetness becomes more modest. We are sure that you will want to eat it all at once, making it a delicious item with addictive qualities.


  • 4 pieces for 1,000 yen

Purchase location:

  • Kasho Sanzen GRANSTA TOKYO store: 1F GRANSTA Tokyo (Central Passage Area) inside JR Tokyo Station

Recommended souvenir from Tokyo Station ⑤: "Tokyo Suzu Monaka" by KOURO-AN

Recommended souvenir from Tokyo Station No.5: 'Tokyo Suzu Monaka' / Kororan
Recommended souvenir from Tokyo Station No.5: 'Tokyo Suzu Monaka' / Kororan
Left: Tokyo Suzu Monaka Amanatsu / Right: Tokyo Suzu Monaka Regular

Tokyo Suzu Monaka, sold exclusively at Tokyo Station, is a Monaka inspired by the meeting spot "Silver Bell" at Tokyo Station.

Monaka is a traditional Japanese confectionery that features a filling wrapped in a thin shell made from mochi rice. The thin outer layer of the Monaka melts seamlessly with the inner filling as you put it in your mouth, providing a moist and delicious experience. It is available in various shapes, such as seashells and lanterns.

The Tokyo Suzu Monaka above is a Monaka filled with red bean paste and round gyuhi mochi (Monaka shell) in a cute bell shape. The charming bell shape and the taste make it a delightful treat. Moreover, you can purchase from one bag (containing 2 pieces), making it perfect not only as a souvenir but also as a small gift. The shelf life is approximately two weeks, so please be careful when purchasing.

Tasting and reviewing on "Tokyo Suzu Monaka"!

The monaka dough is soft and fluffy, filled with smooth red bean paste and chewy gyuhi. When you put it in your mouth, the smooth red bean paste spreads out, giving it a very sophisticated taste. The gyuhi changes the texture, making it more enjoyable. It goes well not only with Japanese tea, but also with coffee and black tea.


  • 1 bag (2 pieces) each 300 yen

Purchase location:

  • KOURO-AN Gransta Tokyo Store: JR Tokyo Station B1F Gransta Tokyo (Silver Bell Area)

※The food report in this article is the personal opinion of the author and does not represent the position of FUN! JAPAN.

About Tokyo Station's Admission Ticket

The souvenirs introduced this time are all located inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station. In fact, inside the ticket gates of Tokyo Station, there are station commercial facilities such as "Gransta Tokyo", plus many other attractive shops and restaurants. Even if you don't plan to take a train, if you want to enter the ticket gates to use these shops, you will need an "admission ticket".

An "admission ticket" is a ticket that can be purchased just to enter the station ticket gates or platform without actually taking a train. The admission ticket for JR Tokyo Station is 150 yen every 2 hours.