Cinnamoroll Cafe in Shinjuku - A Collection of Cute & Cuddly Sanrio Characters

The popular Sanrio character Cinnamoroll is quickly approaching its 20-year anniversary in 2022.

With big ears and a curly tail, Cinnamoroll is popular not only in Japan but all around the world. Did you also know that there's a café slap bang in the middle of Tokyo, Shinjuku which was made in the image of Cinnamoroll (Often nicknamed Cinamon)? If you're a fan of the Sanrio brand and Cinnamoroll, it's a must-visit! Let's take a look at the report of our FUN! JAPAN staff members who visited recently. 

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku: 3-minute Walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchome Station!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

Cinnamoroll Café can be found a short 3-minute walk from Shinjuku-sanchome Station or a slightly longer but still leisurely 10-minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

The sign at the front of the cafe of course has Cinnamoroll on it! When you enter the cafe, you'll be greeted by Cinnamoroll and all of his cute friends!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

You'll find some plush toys on the seats as well as portraits of the characters hanging around here and there, it's a space that improves your mood by just being there!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

If you take a look up, there's even a smiling Cinamoroll on the ceiling!

A Grand Collections of Cute & Original Cinnamoroll Foods & Desserts

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

One of the biggest pulls of Cinnamoroll Cafe has to be its original foods, desserts, and drinks menu. It's absolutely filled with cute character-inspired designs that are perfect for posting to your personal SNS channels!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

It's perfect not only for lunchtime but also when you're feeling a little peckish and want a short break. There's no doubt it won't only be your phone's camera roll getting filled!

Furthermore, there are some limited-time events that take place from time to time, in which some exclusive menu items are released. There are also seasonal events such as the Autumn and Winter Fair and even some collaboration events with series such as Wish me mell and Evangelion!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku
Oyasumi Rice (Goodnight Rice) /  JPY 1,518(Tax Inc.)

Here we can see Cinnamoroll sleeping with an egg omlette as a blanket! The harmony between the soft and fluffy omlette alongside the tomato sauce was perfect!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku
Faraway Sky Blue Stroganoff /  JPY 1,408(Tax Inc.)

This product has recreated Cinamoroll's birthplace, the clouds of the faraway sky. The blue portion of this dish is actually milk and sour cream that has been finished with blue food coloring!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku
Cinnamoroll's Special Shortcake /  JPY 1,408(Tax Inc.)

This 10/10 shortcake is sure to make the person eating it smile and cry out "How Cute!" without giving a second thought.

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku
Shiffon Very Berry Parfait /  JPY 1,188(Tax Inc.)

This parfait is a combination of berries, cream, and yoghurt. If you're a chocolate lover, we recommend the mocha chochochocho parfait!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

Coco's Prank Cappuccino /  JPY 858(Tax Inc.)

Some of the perfect menu items for delicious afternoon teatime. You're able to get certain menu items to go, so it's perfect as a drop-by spot when heading back to your hotel 

Don't Forget to Check out some Exclusive Shinjuku Cinnamoroll Goods!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

While you're waiting for your food, why not take a visit to the nearby shop? It can be found near the entrance and has plates, mugs, various other kitchen goods as well as tissue pouches, tote bags, and more that will come in handy in your everyday life!

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

There are some exclusive products from Shinjuku Marui Annex, so make sure to add them to your collection.

Cinnamoroll Cafe Shinjuku

Cinnamoroll Cafe is open until 9:30 pm every day, so it's the perfect spot to drop by after a fun day of travel. We especially recommend it to visitors staying in the Shinjuku area!

※All prices listed within this article are accurate as of when FUN! JAPAN Staff visited.

Store Information

  • Name: Cinnamoroll Cafe
  • Address:Shinjuku Marui Annex 3 Chome-1-26 Shinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo 160-0022
  • Business Hours:11:00~21:30(L.O 21:00)
    ※Bussiness hours are currently shortened, 11:00~20:00(L.O 19:30).
  • ※Seat reservations are not available.
  • Access:3-minute walk from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku-sanchome Station, or 6 minutes from Tokyo Metro Shinjuku Station

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