"Yakitori" is a Japanese cuisine which chicken is cut into one bite-size, seasoned with sauce and salt, subsequently skewered and grilled on the charcoal fire. It is known as a very popular menu and served at most of the Izakaya and Yakitori Specialty restaurant because it is delicious to be dining with beer. In addition, yakitori is also sold at cooked dishes corner in the supermarkets and cashier area of the convenience stores, etc. Even though it is called as one bite yakitori, but actually it has various menu such as Momo (もも/thigh meat), Negima (ねぎま/chicken and scallion), Tsukune (つくね/chicken meatball), etc. Today we are going to introduce you the popular menus of Yakitori. If you read this article before eating Yakitori, you will definitely enjoy eating Yakitori even more!

This will definitely be the best Yakitori menu! The most popular menu, "Yakitori Momo"

Definitely, the most popular menu of Yakitori will be “Momo”. “Momo” (thigh) is the top portion of the leg above the knee joint that is connected to the chicken body, which has moderate fat content and is juicy. After grilling, Yakitori Momo is ready after applied with soy sauce, sugar, mirin etc. Yakitori Momo is the most popular item among the Yakitori menus, and there is also a menu which momo and breast meat are skewered alternately. In order to keep the juiciness of the meat, the chicken thigh meat is often used without peeling off its skin.

"Yakitori Negima" which chicken thigh meat and green onion are skewered alternatively

"Yakitori Negima", which chicken thigh meat and green onion are skewered alternately. This menu was called as "Negima" because it is skewered with “Negi” (green onion) and “Maguro”(Tuna). However, tuna is then replaced by chicken instead. This menu is recommended for those customers who wish to have some menu which does not only come with meat. Besides green onion, there are some menus with king oyster mushroom and tomato.

Various shapes are available! "Yakitori Tsukune" with a soft texture

“Yakitori Kitsune” is made by mixing chicken meat and spices into minced meat form, and then made into a ball shape, skewered and grilled as Yakitori. Depending on restaurants and families, there are some Yakitori Tsukune which is made into various shapes such as oval shape, or Yakitori Tsukune which is skewered on the whole stick. It is dipped with the sauce before served to the customer. Sometimes the Yakitori Tsukune is coated with egg yolks. It's soft and easy to eat, and therefore it is the most recommended menu for kids.