Recommended for winter sightseeing in Fukuoka! 5 Illumination and Christmas events held around Hakata Station and Tenjin

Fukuoka Prefecture, boasting the largest population in Kyushu, is filled with attractions that captivate people, including Hakata gourmet such as Tonkotsu Ramen, Fukuoka Tower, and Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine.

Among the many attractions, the Hakata Station and Tenjin area, which can be reached within 10 minutes from Fukuoka Airport, is a popular tourist destination due to its many attractions and good access.

In this article, we introduce winter illuminations and Christmas events held in Fukuoka City. All of these spots are within a 20-minute walk, bus, or subway ride, so it's a great point that you can enjoy multiple events at once!

※All the information featured in this article is as of December 2023. Please check the official website or similar for the latest event information in advance.

What is the average winter temperature in Fukuoka? What kind of clothing is recommended?

The average annual temperature in Fukuoka is about 17℃ to 18℃, making it relatively warm throughout the year among the seven prefectures of Kyushu. Although there are many cold days in winter (December to February), there are hardly any days below freezing in Hakata even in midwinter, with an average winter temperature of about 7.4℃.

While it does snow in urban areas like Hakata, it rarely accumulates due to its high moisture content compared to the snow in Hokkaido and the Tohoku area.

Summary of Average Daily Temperatures in Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) from December to February (2020-2022)


Average Daily Temperature

  1. 2022
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  1. 6.9℃
  2. 8.3℃
  3. 7.5℃
  1. 6.1℃
  2. 6.2℃
  3. 8.8℃
  1. 5.6℃
  2. 9.5℃
  3. 8.9℃

Average Daily Maximum Temperature

  1. 2022
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  1. 10.7℃
  2. 12.4℃
  3. 11.9℃
  1. 10.3℃
  2. 10.3℃
  3. 12.3℃
  1. 9.4℃
  2. 14.2℃
  3. 13.3℃

Average Daily Minimum Temperature

  1. 2022
  2. 2021
  3. 2020
  1. 3.2℃
  2. 4.3℃
  3. 3.1℃
  1. 1.8℃
  2. 2.2℃
  3. 4.5℃
  1. 1.8℃
  2. 4.9℃
  3. 5.4℃

 Source: Japan Meteorological Agency Website 'Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) 2022 (Monthly Values)', 'Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) 2021 (Monthly Values)', 'Hakata (Fukuoka Prefecture) 2020 (Monthly Values)'

Also, you may feel cold due to the seasonal winds, so you need to be careful about what you wear. When sightseeing in the city center, it is recommended to wear outfits that are easy to put on and take off. For example, wear a thick coat or jacket as an outerwear, and wear a cut-and-sew jacket with a thin inner layer so that you can take it off and take it off when indoors or when it's warm. Also, when going near the ocean, such as in the Bay Area, wear a scarf and gloves to protect yourself from the wind.

5 illuminations and light-up events recommended for sightseeing in Fukuoka in winter

The area around Hakata Station, Fukuoka City's terminal station, and the Tenjin area, which is about 5 minutes by subway from Hakata Station. Both areas are lively and popular areas with underground malls, commercial facilities, hotels, and restaurants, and in the winter, the area is decorated with illuminations. At Nakasu along the way, you can enjoy gourmet street food full of humanity while touring the illumination spots.

【In front of and around JR Hakata Station】Hikari no Machi HAKATA, Winter Fantasy HAKATA

*This is from the 2022 event

Not only is it a terminal station for conventional lines, but JR Hakata Station is also a terminal for the Shinkansen. The annual event held in the square in front of the station is "Hikari no Machi HAKATA".

With 620,000 illuminations, about 30 trees in the entire square become a "forest of light", coloring the land gateway of Fukuoka. One of the recommended photo spots is the 14.9m symbol tree. You can spend a wonderful time with the illumination of the large roof that imagines the starry sky.

※This is from the 2022 event

The same venue will also host the 'CHRISTMAS MARKET in Hikari no Machi HAKATA', where delicious food and cute miscellaneous goods shops line up, until December 25th. In addition, during the same period, about 1.2 million LED bulbs will color the street trees from JR Hakata Station Square to Canal City Hakata for 'Winter Fantasy HAKATA'. Both events are lit up until midnight, making them perfect for wrapping up the day.

Hikari no Machi HAKATA
 Winter Fantasy HAKATA
1-1 Hakata Station Central Street, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, JR Hakata Station Square
Hakata Station Front Street, Chikushiguchi Central Street, Canal City Hakata, etc. in Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
Event Period
Usually from early November to early January of the following year
※From November 1, 2023 to January 8, 2024
(Same as the left)
Lighting Time
(Same as the left)
Access/Nearest Station
Directly connected to JR and Fukuoka City Subway 'Hakata Station'
 JR and Fukuoka City Subway 'Hakata Station', around Fukuoka City Subway 'Kushida Shrine Station'
Official Website

【Nakasu Area】Nakasu Hikari no Advent

At "Nakasu Hikari no Advent", the bustling district of Nakasu, just a short walk from Nakasu-Kawabata Station, is dressed up in blue and gold LEDs! The highlight is the large Christmas trees set up in three locations. From the Fukuhaku Deai Bridge, you can see the beautiful night view of the stalls and neon signs in the direction of Hakata Canal City, along with the champagne gold symbol tree.

On the other hand, you can enjoy the sight of more than 10,000 illuminations twinkling at the symbol tree on Nakasu Chuo Street. After taking photos of the two spots, enjoy winter in Nakasu while strolling through the street food stalls along the Naka River.

  • Venue: Nakasu, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka Nakasu Chuo-dori, Nakagawa-dori, Fukuhakudeai Bridge, etc.
  • Event period: Usually from early November to early January of the following year
    *In 2023, it will be from November 2, 2023 to January 8, 2024
  • Lighting time: 17:00-24:00
  • Nearest station: Fukuoka City Subway “Kushida Shrine” / “Nakasu Kawabata Station”
  • Official site:

【Canal City Hakata】Canal Winter Illumination

※The image is for illustrative purposes only

One of the winter events held at "Canal City Hakata", where shopping malls, hotels, and movie theaters line up, is the "Canal Winter Illumination". Around the B1F Sun Plaza Stage, the "Wall of Light" that colors the hemispherical wall creates a 180-degree panorama of light. The interior is enveloped in various lights, such as an integrated fountain show with illumination and a gold water tree.

There are still many highlights to see. The "River of Light" is a canal that flows about 180m north to south inside the building, filled with light. Then there's the "Gate of Light" that colors the mall in gold, and the shining tree-shaped fountain "Aqua Tree"... You can spend your time as if you've wandered into a dreamland.

  • Venue: Canal City Hakata, 1-2 Sumiyoshi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City
  • Event period: Usually from mid-November to mid-February
    *In 2023, it will be from November 3rd to February 29th, 2024
  • Lighting time: 10:00~24:00
  • Access: About 10 minutes on foot from JR "Hakata Station", about 3 minutes on foot from Fukuoka City Subway "Kushida Shrine Station"
  • Official website:


(C)SoftBank HAWKS

The "WINTER LIGHT FANTASY ILLUMINATION" event is held at the Kyushu's largest all-weather dome facility "Fukuoka PayPay Dome" and the complex entertainment facility "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA" located right in front of it. The event features illumination objects inspired by gift boxes, and the entire dome is decorated with neon colors. The trees adorned with lights create a glamorous and fantastical atmosphere.

(C)SoftBank HAWKS

You can't miss the attractions, activities, and food at "BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA". Among them, the highlight is "teamLab Forest Fukuoka - SBI Securities", which transforms into a winter landscape for a limited time. Snow falls in the forest where animals live, and multiple works take on a winter appearance. Also, check out the illuminations held at the commercial facility "MARK IS Fukuoka Momochi" and the hotel "Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk" within walking distance.

  • Venue:
    【Fukuoka PayPay Dome】2-2-2, Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
    【BOSS E・ZO FUKUOKA】2-2-6, Jigyohama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka
  • Event period: Usually late November to early January
    *In 2023, it will be from November 23 to January 8, 2024
  • Event time: From sunset to 22:00
  • Access: About 15 minutes on foot from "Tojinmachi Station" on the Fukuoka City Subway, or about 20 minutes by Nishitetsu Bus from Hakata Bus Terminal (adjacent to JR Hakata Station), get off at "PayPay Dome" or "Kyushu Medical Center" and walk a short distance
  • Official website:

【Bayside Place Hakata】Bayside Illumination ~Port of Light~

About 20 minutes by bus from Hakata Station, you can enjoy illuminations in the bay area.

At the "Bayside Place Hakata", a complex adjacent to the Hakata Port Passenger Terminal, they hold a romantic "Bayside Illumination" unique to the seaside. The sight of lights reflecting on the sea surface, such as palm trees lit up along the road and the entire facility shining on the water surface, is nothing short of fantastic. You can also see the light-up of the "Hakata Port Tower", the symbol of Hakata Port, from the deck fence!

Not only shopping and gourmet, but also during the illumination period, "Oyster Hut in Bayside" is held. You can enjoy plump oysters while feeling the sea breeze, which is perfect for a meal.

  • Location: 13-6 Tsukiko Honmachi, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City, Bayside Place Hakata
  • Event period: Usually from early November to mid-March
    *In 2023, it will be held from November 3rd to March 24th, 2024
  • Lighting time: 17:00~24:00
  • Access: About 20 minutes by Nishitetsu Bus from "Hakata Station Nishi-Nippon City Bank Mae F Bus Stop" (in front of JR Hakata Station), get off at "Hakata Wharf (Bayside Place)"
  • Official website:

There are still many! Fukuoka's Illumination Events

Fukuoka Tower

Photo provided by: Fukuoka City

In addition to the spots introduced this time, there are many places in Fukuoka City where you can enjoy illuminations! For example, the "Momochi☆Blue Light Illumination" at Fukuoka Tower and the "Ohori Park Winter Illumination" at Ohori Park are also popular events.

Why not fully enjoy the illumination season in Fukuoka on your next trip?

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