【Video Included】600 Stairway Challenge! The FUN! JAPAN Editorial Team Tried Climbing Tokyo Tower Via the Stairs!

Tokyo Tower, one of Tokyo's most popular and well known sightseeing locations. There may be a lot of readers who have climbed this huge tower using the elevator, but have you ever heard of getting to the top using the stairs? The FUN! JAPAN Editorial team can see the Tokyo Tower from their offices, and are always writing various different articles whilst looking out towards it, but there are some staff members who have never actually been there and explored everything it has to offer. That's why we decided to do this special edition article, bought a ticket for Tokyo Tower, and tried reaching the observation deck at the peak through using the stairs! We hope this article will prove interesting during your stay at home during these troubling times, and don't worry, we'll be introducing the gift shop at the end!

It's Time to Head to the Entrance of the Stairway!

You can find the entrance to the stairway by looking for the "STAIRS 600" Sign

The entrance to the Tokyo Tower Stairway can be found a the foot of the tower on the roof of the tower hall, it continues to the main deck at a height of 150 meters. (Typically open on Sat/Sun/Holidays 11:00~16:00). Once you've purchased your ticket on the first floor, head for the roof!

At first, 600 steps may seem like a lot, but in reality pre-school students are able to climb it in just 15 minutes! But can the FUN! JAPAN editorial staff in their 20s complete the challenge?!

We won't lose to the kids!

Let's take a look into the stairway! (Steps 0~300)

There are numbers telling you what step you're at as well as the Tokyo Tower official character giving you some quizzes about the tower itself, lot's of little things here and there to make sure you're never bored. Make your way towards the observation deck whilst checking which step you're currently at.

One of the most amazing sights when climbing the stairs is the ability to look up at the Tokyo Tower from directly below it. Seeing the steel frame from this angle definitely gives you a different feeling to when you're looking at it from afar!

For example this question: "Tokyo Towers coating area is 94,000㎡. How many Tokyo Domes is this? If you want to know the answer keep reading until the end!

Let's look out from the stairs! (Stairs 300~500)

Once you reach the halfway point in your stair-climbing journey you can look out from the tower and see far into the distance. What you can see changes the more you climb so it's like a reward for trying hard!

As you look out surrounded by Tokyo Tower's symbol color "International Orange", it's as though you're climbing from the center of the city! Depending on where you're facing, you can even see Odaiba's Rainbow Bridge.

Finally the Goal! Don't Forget to take a Photo Here! (Stair 500~)

We were taking photos for Instagram, looking out at the scenery as we climbed, so it took a little longer than expected, but we finally reached the goal! There is a large panel here so don't forget to take a commemorative photo in front of it!

Furthermore, if you were able to climb to the top of the stairs then the staff waiting there will present you with a free "Certificate of confirmation" which proves you climbed to the top! There are apparently 10 different designs in total. If you want to collect them all, you would have to climb the stairs multiple times...? If we have any fans who have completed the set please share it with us!

Finally we reach the official observation deck "Main Deck"! No matter how many times you look out onto Tokyo's cityscape it's moving, right? By the way, you burn 90 calories climbing to the observation deck!

Tokyo Tower also has the same 600-step "descending staircase" open every day (Approx. 8 minutes). You could also use the stairs to get up and the elevator to go down, or vice versa, it might prove to be an amazing memory from your trip!

(Quiz Answer:2 Tokyo Domes)

Our article on the gift shop can be found here↓

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Institution Information

  • Name: Tokyo Tower Stairway

  • Business Days: Sat. Sun, Holidays (Rain / Strong winds closed)
  • Business Hours: 11:00~16:00
  • "Main Deck" entrance fee: Adult 1,200 yen, High-school Student 1,000 yen, Child (Elementary / Middle-school) 700 yen, Infant (4 and over) 500 yen
  • ※You are unable to switch to the elevator half-way through climbing the stairs.


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