Japan geographical is a narrow and long shape from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Besides the climates, the mindset of the residents are also different depending on the prefectures they live. If you compare the prefectural characteristic, you could see obviously especially the gourmet and culture are totally different. This article is different with the other travel articles and will help you to understand the local culture of each prefecture. In this 11th Volume, we are going to introduce you about Tochigi prefecture where is famous of foreign traveler to Nikko Toshogu Shrine and Ashikaga Flower Park.

Tochigi Prefecture Residents are demotivated and reluctant to accept new thing. However once they have decided to do something, they will continue it wholeheartedly.

Japanese overall are not so aggressive but Tochigi prefecture resident are more demotivated. Due to the prefectural characteristic which is more introvert, you might not have good impression when you first interact with Tochigi residents. If you continue communicate with them, the relationship will become better. Once you get close with Tochigi residents, the good relationship will be maintained onward since they are sincere to others.

Men are more conservative and shy, while most of the women are responsible wife and devoted mothers

When you first meet the man from Tochigi prefecture, you might feel they are bored in the beginning. However, you will figure out that they are honest and can be trusted when time passes. When you are with them, you don’t need to worry that they will cheat to you. Women from Tochigi have a modest characteristic. However, as mentioned above, once they are in a love relationship they will not cheating. Many of the women tend to marry early and continue working even after married, but once they have children they will become a good wife and mother at home.

Tochigi prefecture residents are going back once there is lightning. It is a surprising action for other prefecture residents 

Tochigi prefecture is one of the prefectures has the most lightning in Japan. Especially in Utsunomiya city the thunder is amazing compare to other cities. In summer, thunder strikes almost every evening. Since lightning strikes extreme strong in Utsunomiya, the citizens who are working outdoor will go back home whenever lightning comes. There are also thunder blocker fixed at the socket.

It is common to eat shark’s dishes during New Year

In the New Year, in addition to osechi and Ozoni, Tochigi prefecture residents eat “Sakanbo” which prepared using shark meat. Since the simmered shark meat “Saganbo” is very soft and has less bone, even the children and elderly can consume safely. Therefore the dishes is always served when there is a party with large number of relatives and neighborhood are gathered. However, Tochigi prefecture is actually not connected to the sea. Isn’t it so mysterious?

"Lemon milk" is necessity in their daily life

In Tochigi prefecture, the residents drink "Lemon milk" very commonly just like the “coffee milk” in other prefecture. This is a surprise special drinks for other prefecture residents. Even though there is no lemon juice in “Lemon Milk” but the drinks is full of sweet and sour aroma, some people may like it but some of them might having difficulty in accepting it. Besides, there are many mysterious and special item sold in Tochigi such as lemon yoghurt, lemon sausage and lemon udon. By the way, Tochigi prefecture is not a place which producing lemon. Again, this is so mysterious.

There are a lot of "prefectural characteristic" that cannot be accepted and believed by other prefecture resident in Japan and some are not applicable in other prefectures. Please stay tuned for our next article for this series! If there is any prefecture you wish to understand further, kindly post your comment in the comment field on the right!