Food culture in Japan is huge as anyone of you know and no matter where you go, there will always be a restaurant around you. Yet for a lot of people traveling to Japan, finding a restaurant that serves breakfast seems to be a huge challenge. In this guide, we have chosen 4 places where you can enjoy breakfast without looking for restaurant blindly.

The Japan’s one and only breakfasts

When travel, people often think it is less important to eat the morning meal for some reasons in order to save costs or times. But I won’t let you think so and skip it! Because, in Japan, tons of restaurants offering fantastic breakfasts are waiting for you! I bet you will be satisfied with the Japan’s one and only breakfasts!

Let me share four options for a delicious breakfast.

1. Yoshinoya

(Natto and Beef bowl Meal 450 Yen)

Yoshinoya, known as the most popular beef bowl chain, offers morning menus.
What you can eat here is a typical breakfast in Japan. As a basic meal, they offer rice, soy-soup and dried seaweed. In addition to these, there is a main topping, let’s order your favorite toppings.

Main toppings

Egg - It’s quite common to eat rice simply topped with a raw egg for breakfast.

Natto - Natto is a traditional food made from fermented soybeans. Japanese people believe that eating Natto for breakfast brings a sense of satiety, besides that, Natto is known as diet for good health.

Mendaiko - This is also a common food for breakfast.

Since Yoshinoya is Beef bowl store, I also recommend eating the Beef Bowl. 
Regular Beef Bowl 380 Yen as well

2. Komeda Coffee


Guess which one is popular as Japanese breakfast, Rice or Bread? The answer is...Bread. Especially older women prefer bread to rice. which means, a lot of restaurants in Japan also offer a western style breakfast. Such as meal with bread, scrambled egg and Coffee. The most well-known place where you can have a western style meal is here, Komeda Coffee. If you order a drink during their morning service time, you can get a free morning meals (toasted bread, warm boiled eggs)

Komeda Coffee Homepage http://www.komeda.co.jp/index_en.php

3. Fujisoba

(Kakesoba 300 Yen)

Fujisoba is Soba (Buckwheat Noodle) restaurant operates 24/7.
There are over 100 Fujisoba restaurants in Japan. Besides that, Fujisoba opened its franchise store in Indonesia, Taiwan and Philippines.
The restaurant has its own atmosphere. The Japanese traditional style ballad is always being played. 
The cheapest Menu is Kakesoba (Buckwheat noodle soup) and Morisoba (Buckwheat Noodle) 300Yen.

Fujisoba Homepage http://fujisoba.co.jp/

4. Ramen

(Asa-Chuka 390 Yen)

Don’t be surprised. Tokyo’s recent boom is Morning Ramen! People start their day from Ramen!! Those ramen stores offering morning Ramen are open from around 7:00!

The above ramen is Asa Chu-ka which is morning limited menu of Ramen shop ‘Sharin’ at Akabane Station. As the feature of morning ramen, it’s less oily and more affordable than usual ramen. Some people even say it’s good for diet, because, ramen fills you up and suppress your appetite whole day!

Sharin Homepage http://www.tsukemen-sharin.com/
Opening hour : 6:30~22:00 (week end ~21:00)