Hi I am Mikitty!

Some of you have already known that I love Hello Kitty because I published some artitcles about Kitty~!
My love for Hello Kitty's getting bigger and bigger in my childhood,so my nickname is made: Me+Kitty=Mikitty♡

For Hello Kitty and something cute lovers,
I would like to introduce Hello Kitty Land=Sanrio Puroland located in Tokyo~!(=^ω^=)

The biggest and greatest point is that Hello Kitty Land(Sanrio Puroland) will welcome anybody.
If you come with kids,girlfriend or boyfriend,parents,grandma and grandpa…..You can enjoy freely.

  • For family, I would like to show you 3 points.
  • For Kitty and other Kawaii character lovers, I would like to show you 2 points.

Today’s article will show you some features to let you know that!

Here is the entrance!Yes Hello Kitty Land!


This is all-weather park, no need for an umbrella!

They always keep the temperature comfortable throughout the year so that families with babies can spend comfortable time:) 

For family

1.There are many Attractions!Your kids can enjoy safely?

Look!The pictures was taken in weekday. Families are coming here and enjoying the atrraction!
A bit crowded but you can ride in 15 min!

If you have babies,why don’t you use such more safer ones?
All of them are character featured attractions as well.

2.You and your kids can take photos with cute various characters!

I am sure that it will be one of precious memories of Tokyo travel for your family.
In my childhood, about 20 years ago, I took pic with Hello Kitty.
I put the pic on the wall in my room and everyday looked at.
My parents also said that it was so happy to see their child(me) was enjoying with characters.


3.Every season has special stage events!

This is an example of this Summer stage!
You know what?This is Hello Kitty Bon dance festival!
Some of you know what Bon dance is because bon dance held in Jakarta like Japan Matsuri!


Every kids dances with cute characters and characters had a shop,what we call yatai(屋台)there.

You can check what event is going on from the website. (Sorry this is Japanese site….)

For Kitty and other Kawaii character lovers

1. You can buy anything related to Sanrio Kawaii characters!
There are many shops!
For example, you will see this shop in the 1F.
This shop sells souvenir goods that is suitable for and will familiar with kids to adult!

Cinnamon roll shaped cookies!(864JPY)
Good for girls and ladies who love kawaii characters!

This is Little Twin Stars shop.Look!
This shop sells various dairy goods so not only kids but also adluts can use them.
Contact lenses case, nail polishes and stockings.

In Hello Kitty Shop,you can buy limited edition goods!
Hello Kitty is 40th aniversary so here are special edition goods!
Mt.Fuji and Kitty!Totally suitable for Japan trip souvenir!

2. Character featured cafes and restaurants are here and there!

If you like to search kawaii cafe, then why don’t you go to Hello Kitty Land?
You will be sure to take kawaii cafe photos there!

I would like to recommend Cinnamon Roll Dream Cafe in 2F!
Big Cinnamon roll welcomes you in the front of cafe!

This cafe delivers you various sweets like this.
This Cinnamon roll is made for pudding and we can eat it with waffles!
Too cute to eat…..!
I hope that I could tell some of you how cute the Hello Kitty Land in Tokyo is!
Why don’t you come to Hello Kitty Land if you visit Tokyo?

If you any questions,please leave your comments on this articles!

I will report you next time!Stay tuned!

How to Access:

Bus:Airport Limousine from Haneda Airport and Narita Airport

Rail:A bit difficult to use so we recommend you to go there by bus:)

  • About 15-min by JR Chuo Line (from Tokyo to Shinjuku)

  • 14-min by Keio Sagamihara Line express from Chofu Station to Keio-tama-center Station

  • 5-min walk from Keio-tama-center Station

Address:1-31, Ochiai, Tama-shi, Tokyo
Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Admission Fee: 3,000 JPY

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