Tokyo Government Building; One of the Coolest Spot to Enjoy Tokyo’s City View

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is a high-rise building with a height of 243 meters, a post-modern building design twisted from the middle level to 45 degrees. It is a landmark representing the city of Tokyo.

Wide View of Tokyo at the Observatory of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office!

The allocated area of the 45th floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is a prominent sightseeing spot providing grand-scale  view of the streets in Tokyo. With an elevator you can ascend to the top floor in about 55 seconds. There are two observation rooms in the south and the north, however the south is considered the better place for viewing.

Let's use TOKYO SKY GUIDE when going up to the observation deck located 202 meters above ground! TOKYO SKY GUIDE is a tool that gives visitors information in several languages. Information of all 32 spots is automatically displayed by simply reading the QR code. By all means, one can reply on the  smartphone app!

Wide View of Tokyo at the Observatory of Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office!

From the Northern Observation Deck, we cannot see the direction of Tokyo Bay, but from the South Observation Deck, we can see the urban area of Tokyo, and if we look at the east side, the green area in the southeast is Shinjuku Gyoen National Park, Meiji Jingu Shrine, and Yoyogi Park. We can also see Tokyo Tower. To the east, we can see Tokyo Skytree standing at a distance, and if the weather is nice, we might catch a glimpse of the magnificent Mt. Fuji towards the back of the west side. We can also see the beautiful sunset in the evening and the night view of the high-rise building group in the evening.

Dine and Shine [Eat and Shop] isn't a must for Tourist spot?

Dine and Shine [Eat and Shop] isn't a must for Tourist spot?

If you are tired of walking in the observation room, you can rest at the hotel's cafe. Also, near the elevator, Tokyo limited goods, Tokyo souvenirs, Japanese dishes, and popular character goods, and so on, are sold. At the Northern Observation area’s Hakuhinkan TOY PARK Tokyo Office features a "Birthday Newspaper Vending Machine," where visitors can print a newspaper from the day of their birth, so how why not memorialize it?

Dine and Shine [Eat and Shop] isn't a must for Tourist spot?

When you reach the 32nd floor with an elevator, there is a staff canteen, with an average price of around 600 yen, which is famous for its southern side dining hall’s "Tokyo Bento.” There is also a staff eatery on the 4th floor of the 2nd office building, and lunch hours are from 11: 30 to 14: 00.

Access to the Tokyo Government Buildinng

Shinjuku, the nearest station, is the busiest city in Tokyo.

From Shinjuku Station to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, it is convenient to use the underground passage. It is mostly covered with roofs, so it’s safe even in the rain, and they are also moving walkways.

How to Enter the Observation Deck of Tokyo Government Building

Enter the middle of the first floor, where you will enter your name, destination, etc. on the receipt slip, and a "temporary passage certificate" IC card will be issued at the reception, which you will use to gain entry by holding it over the mechanical gate. However, this procedure is unnecessary because the observation deck is directly connected to an elevator. If you go to the cafeteria office staff duty other than the observation deck, it will be a necessary procedure, so it is good to remember. When leaving, unlike when entering, you will be returning the card to the gate collector.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building
  • Street address: 8-1 Nishi Shinjuku Nishi-Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163-8001
  • Access: 
    • About a 10 minute walk from Shinjuku.
    • About a 2 minute walk from Tochomae Station on the Toei Oedo line.