If you visit Tokyo during autumn, we highly recommend you to admire the beautiful autumn leaves at Meiji-jingu Gaien in Aoyama. It is one of the famous autumn leaves spot in Tokyo as it has man ginkgo trees in it which turns yellow in autumn. The sight of a yellow sea of ginkgo trees is a sight to behold which words cannot describe.

About Meiji-jingu Gaien

Gaien’s full name is Meiji Jingu Gaien Park.  It is part of Meiji Jingu Shrine which created in memory of the Emperor Meiji. However, the park is not located next to Meiji Jingu but it falls under the management of Meiji Jingu.  Meiji- Jingu is like traditional Japanese shrine but Gaien is more like western parks.  If you have time, you should go to both and experience the difference.

The park offers many faculities for sports at Gaien Park such as baseball ground, driving range, skating rink. Gaien is also a great place for cycling as biking track opens during the weekends.

Autumn Leaves

There are two rows of huge gingko trees along the side of a street of Gaien. The street is 300m long and there are 146 gingko trees. Those gingko trees are uniquely trimmed and they are at the best height to be seen. Gingko trees start to turn yellow during mid November. The best season to see is from end of November to the beginning of December. When it turns to yellow, the view becomes amazing! The view with museum at back of the gingko trees is especially beautiful. Some people say that the leaves look like gold foil. Gaien is a very good place for photography. There are many good photo spots around the park especially during autumn season.

Be careful, gingko’s leaves fall suddenly at once. So even if you see many leaves on the tree today, it doesn’t mean you will see it on the next day. It is also beautiful when most gingko tree’s leaves fall on the ground. It’s like an amber carpet of the street.

Gingko Festival

During the autumn leaves season, Gingko Festival is held at Gaien Park. It is usually held during later part of November to the beginning of December. They open from 10 am to 6 pm daily. It open 30 minutes earlier on weekend and national holiday. There will be many food stalls at the festival and you can eat food and get fresh vegetables from all over Japan. If you have chance to go see autumn leaves of Gaien, do enjoy the Gingko Festival too.

  • Address: 2-1 Kitaaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
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