Kumamon souvenir

Not only in Japan, but also in many countries, the Kumamoto prefecture PR character "Kumamon" is extremely popular. The cute Kumamon packaged sweets have now become a staple of Kumamoto souvenirs. Perhaps many people buy them in bulk when they travel to Kyushu?

This time, we're featuring souvenirs and sweets with Kumamon designs! We've carefully selected items with cute packaging that you can get at Aso Kumamoto Airport, so please use this as a reference when choosing your souvenirs before your flight.

*The products and their prices (tax included) featured in this article are all as of November 2023. The packaging and contents may have changed.

If you want to buy Kumamon souvenirs in Kumamoto Prefecture, Aso Kumamoto Airport is convenient!

Aso Kumamoto Airport
©Kumamoto Prefecture Tourist Federation

You can purchase Kumamoto souvenirs at JR Kumamoto Station, roadside stations throughout the prefecture, product halls, convenience stores, etc., but if you want to make effective use of your limited sightseeing time, it is recommended to buy in bulk at the airport.

At "Aso Kumamoto Airport (KMJ)" (hereinafter referred to as "Kumamoto Airport"), which operates many domestic and international flights, there are a lineup of over 10 stores selling souvenirs and specialty products from all over Kyushu. It's a great help to go around multiple stores at once at the end of your trip and buy all your souvenirs.

Aso Kumamoto Airport
Asora Gate Store (3F)

© Kumamoto Prefecture Tourist Federation

The airline counter at the 1F of the Passenger Terminal Building, the Asora Lobby Store, and Seven Eleven are available for all airport users. On the 3F of the same building, there are shops that can only be used by departing tourists in the domestic and international restricted areas. In contrast to the domestic restricted area where you can shop at multiple stores at your leisure before boarding, the international restricted area is characterized by a wide range of products such as cosmetics, perfumes, alcohol, travel goods, and gift items.

  • Passenger Terminal Building 1F:
    【Immediately after exiting the domestic/international arrival gate】Asora Lobby Store, Seven Eleven
  • Passenger Terminal Building 3F:
    【Only for domestic flight users】JAL PLAZA, Koretto Kyushu Okinawa▲, Kumamoto Shunsaikan▲, Asora Gate Store, etc.
    【Only for international flight users】ASO KUMAMOTO AIRPORT DUTY FREE SHOP▲

▲Tax-Free Shop (Only purchases over 5,000 yen excluding tax are tax-free)
※The products available may vary by store

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ①: Kumamon Gaufrette

Kumamon Souvenirs

The package features Kumamon and a landmark of Kumamoto printed on it, introducing the 'Kumamon Gaufrette'.

A gaufrette is a type of French pastry that sandwiches cream between two thin, biscuit-like wafers. With a diameter of about 8cm, it's an easy-to-eat size, and you can enjoy the crisp texture and the subtly sweet cream.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

The surface of the gaufrette features different expressions of Kumamon, and the fun is in seeing what design comes out when you open it! You can enjoy your snack time with excitement while looking at the cute Kumamon design.

  • Reference price: 8 pieces / 486 yen
  • Seller: Hirano Shouten Co., Ltd.

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ②: Kumamoto Butter & Choco cookies

Kumamon souvenir

The 'Kumamoto Butter & Choco cookies', featuring the iconic Kumamon enjoying the sights of Kumamoto such as Kumamoto Castle and Mount Aso. The box contains 5 cookies each of butter and chocolate flavors, allowing you to compare the gentle sweetness of butter and the slight bitterness of cocoa at once.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

Each cookie is individually wrapped, and the packaging features Kumamon bending over and covering his mouth with both hands! Upon opening, a Kumamon-shaped cookie with a beaming smile appears. With its light and crispy texture, it's perfect for when you're feeling a little peckish.

  • Reference price: 10 pieces / 594 yen
  • Seller: HOGAYA Co., Ltd.

Kumamon souvenir available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ③: Aso Oguni Jersey Milk Maple Cheesecake

Kumamon souvenir

"Aso Oguni Jersey Milk" refers to the milk obtained from Jersey cows raised in the nature of the Kumamoto and Aso region. Known for its rich taste and as a rare high-end milk brand, it is widely used in various sweets and confectionery. Among them, the "Aso Oguni Jersey Milk Maple Cheesecake" is a popular product with many repeat customers.

Kumamon Souvenir
Kumamon Souvenir

The bite-sized cakes filled with cheese cream are characterized by their moist taste and fluffy dough. They are of course delicious as they are, but if you heat them in the microwave, the dough becomes even fluffier and the taste is doubled. Along with Kumamon designed on the wrapping paper, it's sure to bring a happy mood!

  • Reference price: 10 pieces / 810 yen
  • Seller: Hinano Shouten Co., Ltd.

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ④: Kumamoto Milk & Butter Financier

Kumamon souvenirs

Next up is another sweet treat made using the same Aso Oguni Jersey milk. The 'Kumamoto Milk & Butter Financier' is, as the name suggests, a financier cake shaped like Kumamon. It's so cute, from the packaging to the contents, that it almost feels too precious to eat! It's a gift that children are sure to love.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

The moment you open it, you are enveloped in the rich aroma of milk and butter that whets the appetite of those with a sweet tooth. Not only does it look good, but the chewy texture of the rice flour also makes it impossible to stop eating. The fact that it is individually wrapped in bite-sized pieces, so you can eat it without getting your hands dirty, is also a nice point.

  • Reference price: 4 pieces / 756 yen
  • Seller: Kasou Kumamoto Ginsaian

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ⑤: Happy Jintaiko (Kumamon)

Kumamon souvenirs

The box, marked by the impactful Kumamon, contains 8 "Special Jintaiko" in the "Happy Jintaiko". Jintaiko is a drum-shaped confectionery, wrapped in soft mochi with the highest quality red beans from Hokkaido. It is a powerful confectionery that has won the "24th National Confectionery Expo Honorary President's Award", and it is said that there is no one in Kumamoto Prefecture who does not know it.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

Use the provided paper knife to cut the wrapping paper to your preferred size before eating. The harmony of the not-too-sweet, light red bean paste and smooth mochi melting in your mouth is irresistible! If you chill it in the refrigerator for about an hour before eating in the summer, it becomes an even more refreshing dish.

  • Reference price: 8 pieces / 1,394 yen
  • Seller: Kashi no Koume Co., Ltd.

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ⑥: Kumamon Cookies (in a can)

Kumamon souvenirs

The 'Kumamon Cookies (in a can)' with its distinctive pink can is sure to catch your eye. The surface is studded with many hearts, and when you open the lid, you'll find that the cookies are also heart-shaped. It's a Kumamoto souvenir that brings joy whether you're opening it, eating it, or just looking at it.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

The playful touch of always having a pink cookie inside is delightful. The luxurious can seems to be very useful as a container for accessories and toys at home, so be sure to keep it carefully after eating.

  • Reference price: 1 can (80g) / 540 yen
  • Seller: Murakami Kanko Co., Ltd.

Kumamon Souvenirs Available at Aso Kumamoto Airport ⑦: Suzume no Tamago

Kumamon Souvenirs

A traditional candy that has been passed down in various parts of Kyushu, "Suzume no Tamago". It's a bean snack that is baked with peanuts in rice flour or wheat flour, and flavored with a sweet and spicy soy sauce base.

It is said to be named after its appearance, which looks just like a sparrow's egg. The crispy texture and sweet soy sauce flavor are characteristic, and it seems that local people often enjoy it with beer.

Kumamon souvenir
Kumamon souvenir

The Kumamon package of Suzume no Tamago, which contains 15 bite-sized packs that are easy to distribute to friends and family. The fact that it's in the 300 yen range makes it a popular choice. It's truly the epitome of cost-effective souvenirs!

  • Reference price: 15 packs / 324 yen
  • Seller: Iwata Corporation

Kumamon souvenirs from Kumamoto prefecture that capture the hearts of adults and children alike

If you're looking for Kumamoto souvenirs, Kumamoto Airport, where you can buy souvenirs in bulk, is recommended! It allows you to make the most of your travel time, and the ability to shop leisurely after checking in your luggage is also a plus. Next time you visit Kumamoto, be sure to get some memorable souvenirs.