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Japan's first tarot card art museum "Tokyo Tarot Museum" opened on 11/16 in Asakusabashi, Tokyo. Let's take a look into what it has to offer ♪

 About Tokyo Tarot Museum

Tokyo Tarot Museum, which has recently opened is Japan's first-ever tarot card art museum.

Nichiyū, who was one of the first companies to begin importing and selling tarot cards within Japan has opened an art museum with a collection of over 3,000 types of rare and unusual tarot cards for visitors to see, with the ability to even purchase around 500 of these types of cards that are typically extremely difficult to come by.

At the joint library space, you can find some original catalogs about over 1,000 types of cards and their designs, check out some card samples, and even some relating literature that you can sit down, relax and enjoy.

There are also some original goods and select products for sale, don't miss out.

Tokyo Tarot Museum - Some Surrounding Sights

Asakusabashi and the Kuramae area have been bustling with activity for a long time as both a town and a wholesale district. That old-style townscape remains to this day, with art and craftsmanship found in every corner, stylish cafes and shops, galleries, and more, the town is a combination of classical culture and modern themes.

The Tokyo Tarot Museum is located specifically in the Yagihashi area which is an old town that has been around since the Edo period of Japan and was once known as one of Tokyo's Entertainment Districts. We highly recommend taking a walk around this chic and refined town to see all of the treasures it's hiding.


  • Location Name: Tokyo Tarot Museum
  • Address:Ubase Asakusabashi F6, 2-4-2 Yanagibashi, Taito City, Tokyo
  • Access:
    • A 3-minute walk from the JR Chūō-Sōbu Line(Local) Asakusabashi Station
    • A 1-minute walk from Entrance A6 Toei Asakusa Line Asakusabashi Station
  • Business Hours: Weekday 10:00~19:00 Saturday 9:00~18:00(Reservations required via website)
  • Entrance Fee:500 JPY(Tax Inc.)
  • Holidays: Sundays(Excluding Events), Public Holidays, The New Year's Period, Other Seasonal Holidays
  • 【Reservation / Contact】URL:https://www.tokyo-tarot-museum.art/