Akihabara is a 'holy land' of otaku subculture. One landmark found in Akihabara is deeply involved with the beginning of this fact, AKIHABARA RADIOKAIKAN. In this article, we are going to be introducing AKIHABARA RADIOKAIKAN's history, what it's doing currently, and the past it has with Akihabara's past.


Before the birth of otaku subculture, Akihabara was known as the land of electronics. After the second world war, military plane electronic parts were being sold on various black markets across the country, Akihabara was one of these locations. After this, the government stopped the sale of these black market goods and stalls, moving the stores inside. At that time, lovers of electronic parts and appliances would visit AKIHABARA RADIOKAIKAN.

AKIHABARA RADIOKAIKAN began in 1950 as a wooden 2-story building, originally selling things such as radios, PCs, and various other electronics-related equipment, it was a very popular store for people who built their own electronic goods. As time passed, so did the times, and they began selling not only electronic appliances and parts, but games, and anime-related products. 

In 1962 they transitioned into an 8-story building, becoming the first high-rise building within Akihabara. However, they closed their doors temporarily in 2011, before reopening their doors in a brand new building in 2014. Currently, they have a 10-story building that also has a floor underground.


AKIHABARA RADIOKAIKAN has a lot of unique and interesting products on offer. You can, of course, find electronics-related products, but also a wide variety of hobby-related products such as dolls, Gundam models, baseball-related products, idol-related products, trading cards such as Yugioh, books, and even a restaurant!

Audio & Electronic Parts

You can still purchase audio-related products such as cables, transistors, and integrated circuits. All of these products were the beginning of the otaku subculture.

Stores: "TOMOCA PRO SHOP", "WAKAMATSU", and "IN・PuLse".

Cards & Books

Trading Card Games (TCG) is another of the many otaku subcultures. There are many cards, and not only for games, but for baseball, idols, and much more.

Stores: "HOBBYSTATION", "C-labo", "TRECA PARK AKIBA", "BIG MAGIC", "FULLCOMP", however, for hobby-related goods and TCG-related items, "K-BOOKS", "amiami", and "Yellow Submarine Akihabara★MINT" are available.

Hobbies & Dolls

Picture Taken 10/19/2020

Picture Taken 10/19/2020

These stores have Gundam figures, figurines, idol-related products, toys, retro games, game soundtracks, and much more.

Stores: "ANIPLEX+", "Manga Art", "Comic Toranoana", "Havikoro TOY", "Rental Showcase ASTOP", "K-BOOKS", "amiami", "KAIYODO HOBBY LOBBY TOKYO", "ROBOTROBOT", "Akihabara X ", "UCHUSEN", "Dolly Teria", "Yellow Submarine Akihabara★MINT", "Azone Labelshop AKIHABARA", "ENTERTAINMENT HOBBY SHOP JUNGLE", "DOLK", "VOLKS" and "Phantom".

General Goods & Accessories

These stores are for glasses and foreign idol-related goods.

Stores: "ANIPLEX+", "OWNDAYS", "TORANOANA", "amiami", and "TRIO"

Useful Shops and Institutions for Shopping

GIFT SHOP The AkiBa, GINZA LION, FamilyMart, Parking Lot


On the 10th floor, you will find an event space. There are many events that take place here, but you can even rent it out as a private event space. Some famous events in the past include the "Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) Event", "THE [email protected] MILLION LIVE! THEATER DAYS Brand New Song" and more. 


Close by the Electric Town Gate of JR Akihabara Station

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Akihabara Radiokaikan (秋葉原ラジオ会館)
  • Address: 1-15-16 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
  • Access: Close by the Electric Town Gate of JR Akihabara Station
  • Business hours:
    • Stores: 10:00-20:00
    • B1F Restaurant: Mon - Sat 12:00-22:00, Sun 12:00- 21:30
    • Holiday: None