New Transit Yurikamome -  Transportation that Connects Tokyo Waterfront City

New Transit Yurikamome (Formerly known as Tokyo Waterfront New Transit Waterfront Line) is an automated guideway transit service operated by Yurikamome, Inc., connecting Shimbashi to Toyosu, via the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo, Japan, a market in which it competes with the Rinkai Line. It is a train line that stops alongside many popular sightseeing spots, universities, and other popular locations.

*Will be referred to as "Yurikamome" hereafter

Yurikamome's Overview & History

New Transit Yurikamome -  Transportation that Connects Tokyo Waterfront City

Yurikamome was opened on Nov 1st of 1995 as a transportation system that connects the Tokyo Waterfront Area and Shinbashi with a total length of 11.9km from Shinbashi Station to Ariake. After that, it extended its tracks to Toyosu which increased the total length to 14.7km on March 27th, 2006, totaling 16 stations. (Accurate as of October 2020)

Traditional & Unique Japanese Designs at the Stations

After boarding the Yurikamome, you will see that each and every station has a sign with a traditional background pattern on it (Known as "Station Pattern"). For example, Shinbashi Station has a "Willow stripe pattern", Odaiba-kaihinkoen station has an "Old pine pattern", and Shijo-mae station has an "Alternating crabs and stripes pattern".

Realization of Completely Automated Transport

Yurikamome uses an automatic train operation device (ATO) allowing it to not need a train conductor on board.

What to see at Yurikamome & Tokyo Waterfront Area

New Transit Yurikamome -  Transportation that Connects Tokyo Waterfront City

Alongside Yurikamome's train line you can find various high-rise mountains, popular sightseeing spots, convention centers, and even the competition venue for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

You can see various different symbols of Tokyo from the train window such as Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Skytree, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and much more. You can go over Rainbow Bridge from Shibaura-futo to Odaiba-kaihinkoen.

Furthermore, if you're looking to visit all of these spots, a day-ticket is perfect and very convenient.

Yurikamome's Access and Surrounding Sightseeing Spots

New Transit Yurikamome -  Transportation that Connects Tokyo Waterfront City

Yurikamome takes 31 minutes from its starting point of Shinbashi to its final stop at Toyosu. The stops, surrounding sightseeing spots, and the time required are listed below.

Station NameRide time from Shinbashi
Nearby Sightseeing Spots
1 minute
Hamarikyu Gardens
Takeshiba4 minutes
Takeshiba Wharf & Ferry Terminal
13 minutes
Odaiba Marine Park, DECKS Tokyo Beach
15 minutes
DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, Fuji Television Main Building
Tokyo International Cruise Terminal
16 minutes
Museum of Maritime Science, Tokyo International Cruise Terminal Station
Telecom Center
18 minutes
Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari, National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation
Aomi20 minutes
VenusFort, Palette Town
Tokyo Big Sight
22 minutes
Tokyo Big Sight
Shijo-mae28 minutes
Toyosu Market
Shin-toyosu29 minutes
teamLab Planets TOKYO
Toyosu31 minutes
Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 1

Yurikamome Operating Hours, Fee, and Access (Shinbashi Station)

  • Address: 1-1-11 HigashishinbashiMinato City, Tokyo 105-0021
  • Access: Directly next to JR Shinbashi Station
  • Operating Hours: First Departure 05:45、Final Departure 0:30
  • Fee: Ticket Fee Adult 190 yen~ IC Card Adult 189 yen (Varies depending on destination)
  • Ticket Purchase: Bought at the station via a ticket machine