5 Souvenirs You Definitely Want to Buy When Coming to Fukuoka

There are many charming souvenirs in Fukuoka. We will introduce five carefully selected Fukuoka souvenirs found by the FUN! JAPAN staff at this time.


Menbei is a rice confectionery produced and sold by Fukutaro, a famous store that handles Mentaiko in Fukuoka. Fukutaro's Mentaiko and seafood such as squid and octopus are kneaded into rice crackers using a unique method. The flavor is characterized by a slightly spicy flavor, with the rich flavor of seafood and ingredients based on chili peppers.

Menbei is now a staple of Fukuoka Hakata souvenirs. For this reason, it is said that tasting it once gets you hooked, and spreads by word of mouth.

The price range is around 200-1,000 yen depending on what you get. The most popular one is an 8-bag package of around 500 yen. (As of July 2019)

In addition to plain menbei, there are various flavors such as green onions, mayonnaise, iwashinukataki and curry. Plain menbei is made with ingredients and seasonings, making it even more delicious. There are easy-to-eat packages with two bags, so try different flavors!

There are also collaboration packages with popular Japanese anime “Dragon Ball” and “Pokemon”. You can purchase it at JR Hakata Station and Fukutaro directly managed stores, so check it out!


Niwakasenpei is a simple senpei using only fine wheat flour and eggs, sugar, sesame seeds and oil, sold by Niwakasenpei Honpo Toundo. It is characterized by a crispy texture and a simple egg flavor.

In addition, half of the senpei is shaped like the long-established Hakata local art “Hakata Niwaka”. This is due to the fact that Toundo introduced the tradition of Hakata Niwaka into confectionery and was born as a souvenir that represents the uniqueness of Fukuoka.

The price is around 500-2,000 yen depending on what you get. In addition, the size of the senpei can be selected from small, medium and extra large. (As of July 2019)


Nanbanorai is a baked snack sold by Sakaeya. Raspberry and blueberry jam is contained in a pie made from moist dough with almonds and butter. The balance between sweetness and refreshing flavor is exquisite and very rich. Be sure to look at the package. The glittery appearance with gold is beautiful, making you want to take a picture.

In addition, Nanbanorai is a product that with the image of the Nanban ship that goes through Nagasaki Kaido. It is very popular as a Fukuoka souvenir, so be sure to try it!

The price range is about 200 yen for a single item, and it can be purchased for about 1,000 yen or more for a set with seasonal tastes. (As of July 2019)

Fukuya’s Mentaisenbei

Mentaisenbei is a rice cracker sold by Fukuya, a famous store in Fukuoka. The reason why Mentaiko became famous in Fukuoka was because it was reproduced by Fukuya's founder Toshio Kawahara, who ate it when he went to Korea during the war.

There are other mentaisenbei, but the ones sold at Fukuya are characterized by the shape of a mentaiko, using the original mild flavored mentaiko. The taste is a little spicy with the rich flavor of Mentaiko.

The price is 540 yen and 1,080 yen for the two varieties, and there are 20 in each. (As of July 2019)


Smores are a new type of sweet with grilled marshmallows on a crunchy tart. A variety of flavors are sold, but the “Amao Satsumi”, which is made from pure “Amaou”, a strawberry from Fukuoka, added to marshmallow, is recommended. By the way, Amaou is a rare brand that can only be picked in Fukuoka and is characterized by its rich sweetness and juiciness.

You can also eat smores at room temperature, but if you warm it for about 5 seconds in a microwave, the marshmallows melt and it becomes even more delicious. If you want to taste the freshly baked deliciousness, be sure to try it!

There are two types: 4 pieces and 8 pieces. The price is about 800 yen for 4 pieces and about 1,600 yen for 8 pieces. (As of July 2019)

Where to Buy Fukuoka Souvenirs

The souvenirs introduced here can generally be purchased at souvenir shops at Fukuoka Airport and JR Hakata Station. If you're at an airport or station, you can see and buy many souvenirs at once, so be sure to stop by!


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