Okinawa is an Island resort in Southern Japan, which is famous for the beautiful sea. It is blessed with subtropical climate and various nature, and with the traditional Ryukyu culture inherited from generations to generations. A different culture from the Japan mainland has borne, especially the local confectionery is originally transmitted from China, and then forming to Okinawa local confectionery. Since there are direct flights from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc., please visit Okinawa at least once and try out their local confectionery!

"Sata Andagi" the auspicious fried confectionery

"Sata Andagi" is a confectionery which has mixed egg, sugar, baking powder, and then rounded it and deep fried in oil. Sometimes brown sugar is used instead of sugar. Since Sata Andagi’s shape is like the blooming flower when it is fried, it is said to be an auspicious confectionery and been served and eaten during celebrations. You can purchase Sata Andagi at most of the specialty shops and souvenir shops in the city. The price is approximately 300 to 400 yen for each bag (10 pieces). The outlook looks like a donut; however the density of texture is higher than donut, and is stomach filling even only eat one piece. 

Baked confectionery made with crunchy lard, "Chinsuko"

“Chinsuko (ちんすこう)” is a confectionery which is baked from the elongated thin dough of lard, flour and sugar. The texture of “Chinsuko” lighter than other cookies and is melt easily when put in mouth. There are also some various types of "Chinsuko" which added with various ingredients such as brown sugar, salt, coconut, red sweet potato and others. There are also the theories saying that the confectionery originally formed from "Tao Su”(crisp peach cookie) in southern China, and some of them saying that it was originally came from Portuguese, the baked confectionery called as "Boro". It is sold at souvenir shops at the price of approximate 300 yen for each 12 pieces bag, and it’s often bought as souvenir since it is packed in individual packaging. 

The baked confectionery with peanut paste, "Kunpen"

“Kunpen” is a traditional confectionery of Ryukyu Dynasty, which is originated from “Gwang Bin” in China and often used as award. The dough is made from flour and sugar and is used to wrap the paste ingredients which prepared from eggs, walnuts and peanuts. Subsequently it is formed into a flat circle shape before baked in oven. There are various flavors such as peanut and walnut, and therefore has been used as an offering during Ching Ming Festival in spring.