Coupons That You Can Use While Traveling in Japan


・New clothing
・Used jewelry accessories
5% discount + 10% tax Free

※The Japanese coupon description for coupon recipients is listed at the bottom of this page.

Subject/Terms of use

Some products may not be eligible for the discount

・"Kihei" is not eligible for the coupon.
・Some items are not eligible for coupons.
・Cannot be combined with other coupons or sales.
・Please present it before settlement. It cannot be used after payment.
・Can only be used for tax-free purchases.

Coupon valid through

Apr 30, 2024

How to use

Please show this coupon to the staff when you pay.

Store/Product Images

Store Information

Terms of Use

How to use coupons

When using this coupon, have the coupon ready on your smartphone and please show it to the staff.

Depending on the coupon the products it is valid for and the expiration dates may vary. For details, please check the coupon screen or the page with the coupon code.

FUN! JAPAN will not be held responsible if there are problems between the store and the members using the coupon.

Accounts which have had violations with FUN! JAPAN agreements in the past may have their coupon usage suspended.

Coupon details and validity periods may be subject to change or suspension without notice.


For support regarding the contents lists on a coupon, please inquire the shop listed on the publication.


割引内容:対象商品 5%+免税10%OFF