Complete guide to the limited express "SPACIA X": Stops, Features of the Train Cars, and Onboard Facilities?"

The "SPACIA X", which took over from the limited express train "SPACIA" that was running between Asakusa and Nikko, made its debut in July 2023. The six types of seats are luxurious and stylish, and there is also a cafe that offers original drinks and appetizers, making every part of the vehicle picture-perfect. In this article, we will introduce the charm of "SPACIA X", the features of each vehicle, and the onboard facilities.

*The information on fares and timetables is as of June 2024

What is the limited express train "SPACIA X" connecting Tokyo and Nikko / Kinugawa area?


Tokyo and Nikko・Kinugawa area are connected by a limited express train. The new limited express "SPACIA X" has been introduced, evolved from conventional "SPACIA". With its superior exterior design and interior, it has been a topic of conversation since its opening. All seats are reserved, and tickets go on sale starting at 9:00 AM one month before the boarding date. On weekends and Japanese holidays, it may be fully booked, so make a reservation early.

Pay attention to the beautiful appearance of SPACIA X! What is the commitment to color and design?


Firstly, let's focus on the body color. It features a noble white, reminiscent of the gofun (chalk whiting) used on the pillars of the Youmeimon gate at Nikko Toshogu Shrine, with a blue-tinged porcelain-like hue.

Spacia X

The first and sixth cars, which have the driver's seat, have a rounded, soft impression. A total of 39 LEDs are used in the headlights and taillights, and by changing the number of lit lights composed of dots, you can switch between low beam and high beam.

The shape of the LED lights when on high beam cleverly resembles the initial "T" of Tobu Railway!

Spacia X

The window frames and other areas feature designs inspired by the geometric patterns used in Kumiko, a traditional craft from Kanuma City, located in the central part of Tochigi Prefecture.

Introducing Each Car of SPACIA X in Detail

One of the features of SPACIA X is the rich individuality of its six cars. Each car has its own concept, with different interior designs and seat designs.

Car Guide Map

Car No.1: Cockpit Lounge

SPACIA X Cockpit Lounge
SPACIA X Cockpit Lounge

The concept is "a lounge that transcends time". It is inspired by the oldest existing resort hotel in Japan, located in Nikko,  the "Nikko Kanaya Hotel", and embassy villas. All seats are sofa-style. There are also low tables, creating an atmosphere like a salon or cafe. There are sofas for four people and single-seat sofas.

Car No. 2 Premium Seats

Spacia X Premium Seats
Spacia X Premium Seats

Car No.1 has a starkly different impression, with Car No.2 having a chic atmosphere. There are two types: a two-row type and a one-row type. The color of the seats is chosen to stand out on the dark gray carpet. In addition, the seats are equipped with an electric reclining function, which is a first for Tobu Railway, and a neck support movable pillow that reduces fatigue in the neck and shoulders. The space between the seats is 120cm, so it doesn't feel oppressive.

Car No.3, 4, 5 Standard Seats

Spacia X Standard Seats
Spacia X Standard Seats

Three of the six cars are of the most standard type, designed with practicality in mind. These cars are equipped with power outlets, and each seat has two tables: one mounted on the back of the seat in front and a small table on the side of the armrest, allowing passengers to choose according to their preference. Additionally, each seat row is designed with a private window, ensuring a comfortable and private space.

Also, the small table next to the armrest hides a hexagonal design, which is a feature of Kanuma Kumiko.

Car No.5 Box Seat

Spacia X Box Seat
Spacia X Box Seat

A semi-private box seat with two facing seats. With partitions in place, the space ensures privacy. . The seat is 80cm wide, providing ample space.

Car No. 6 Compartment

Spacia X Compartment
Spacia X Compartment

The compartment area has four private room-type spaces. The standout feature is the U-shaped arrangement of the sofas. Additionally, the table is foldable, allowing you to expand them according to your purpose. The interior design emphasizes the use of 'color,' with blue carpets used exclusively in the compartments and walls featuring Kabuki-inspired hues of red and brown. The walls are designed using various shades of brown, inspired by the Edo culture "48 browns and 100 greys", which shows a limited color palette in a variety of ways.

Car No. 6 Cockpit Suite

Spacia X Cockpit Suite

For trips heading to Asakusa, the front car is the Cockpit Suite. Designed with the concept of a 'running suite room' and inspired by private jets, it offers the most premium seats on SPACIA X.

SPACIA X Cockpit Suite
SPACIA X Cockpit Suite

The Cockpit Suite is separated from the driver's cab by a glass partition, providing a spacious feel with large windows at the front and sides. Passengers can enjoy exclusive views from these windows. The private room covers an area of 11㎡, making it the largest on any private railway limited express train in Japan, accommodating up to seven people. *Crew members will enter the Cockpit Suite for routine inspections.

Spacia X Cockpit Suite

The Cockpit Suite also features amenities unique to a private room, such as slippers and clothing hangers. Additionally, you can take photos with a commemorative board displaying the date of your journey

On-board facilities of SPECIA X. Is there an on-board cafe and a large luggage storage area?

On-board cafe GOEN CAFÉ 

SPECIA X On-board Cafe

The onboard cafe "GOEN CAFÉ" located in Car No.1. It was named with two meanings in Japanese: “five monkeys” and “relationship”, associated with Nikko Toshogu Shrine. The cafe offers you a wide range of original products that allow you to experience the unique taste of Nikko that you have never found before. Our products are all designed to express the "Nikko-ness", incorporating ingredients associated with Nikko and collaborating with partners who will carry the future of "Nikko".

Spacia X Onboard Cafe

The drink menu includes original craft beers and pure rice sake "Nikko Homare" made with ingredients from Tochigi Prefecture. The appetizers, such as "Trout and Pickled Shallot Rillette" and "Sake Lees and Rice Flour Cracker Biscuits", are all unique and full of the original flavors of the ingredients. The sweets, such as "Ono Koji Miso Nikko Sablé" and "Tochigi Strawberry Brownie", also show a strong commitment to quality.

Souvenirs available at GOEN CAFÉ

Spacia X Souvenirs

The lineup includes sweets made with specialty products from Nikko and Tochigi Prefecture, such as Nikko Rusk Strawberry Chocolate (320 yen), Nikko Yuba Okaki (480 yen), Strawberry Milk Candy Spesia X Can (500 yen), and "Traveling Strawberry Chocolate" (1,600 yen). Original design goods such as towel handkerchiefs and card cases are also available.

Terms of Use for GOEN CAFÉ

Priority is given to those in Car No. 1. Those in other cars can only use it if they have an online numbered ticket (obtained while on board).

Car No. 1 (Cockpit Lounge) and Car No. 6 (Cockpit Suite Compartment)

Can be used without an online numbered ticket. Please go to the cafe counter during business hours. For those in Car No. 6, only takeout is available.

Cars No. 2 to 5

After obtaining an online ticket, go to the cafe counter. For takeout use only.

GOEN CAFÉ Opening Hours

  • Upbound train (towards Asakusa): Open from departure until arrival at Kasukabe Station. Online ticket issuance ends as soon as they run out after departure from Shimo-Imaichi Station
  • Downbound train (towards Tobu-Nikko & Kinugawa Onsen): Open from departure until arrival at Shimo-Imaichi Station. Online ticket issuance ends as soon as they run out after departure from Kasukabe Station

Large Luggage Storage

Spacia X Large Luggage Storage

Large luggage storage areas are located on five deck sections. There are also wire locks for theft prevention. You can leave your luggage with peace of mind.

Toilets and Washrooms

SPACIA X Toilets and Washrooms

There are barrier-free toilets, Western-style toilets, men's toilets, and washroom facilities. A large monitor that simulates a skylight is installed in the ceiling of the deck, and it displays images that remind you of the great nature of Nikko and Kinugawa.

What are the stops and operating hours of SPACIA X?


Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Kita-Senju, Kasukabe, Tochigi, Shin-Kanuma, Shimo-Imaichi, Tobu-Nikko, Tobu World Square, Kinugawa Onsen (depending on the service, from Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko).

Operating Hours

In the case of "Asakusa to Kinugawa Onsen", it takes about 2 hours. For example, if you depart from Asakusa at 12:30, you will arrive at Kinugawa Onsen Station at 14:32. In the case of "Asakusa to Tobu-Nikko", it takes about 1 hour and 50 minutes. If you depart from Asakusa Station at 10:00, you will arrive at Tobu-Nikko Station at 11:47.

Please check the latest timetable below.

What is the fare for SPACIAX?

In the case of standard seats (part of cars 3, 4, and 5)

You can ride with just the fare + standard seat express charge.

For special seats (parts of cars 1, 2, 6, and 5)

The cost will be "fare + standard seat express charge + special seat charge".

For example, if you use the cockpit lounge (car 1, for one person) between Kita-Senju and Kinugawa Onsen, the cost will be "fare 1,400 yen + standard seat express charge 1,940 yen + special seat charge 500 yen = 3,840 yen".

Express charge and fare


Special seat charges

  • Cockpit Suite (capacity 7 people per room): 18,000 yen
  • Compartment (capacity 4 people per room): 8,000 yen
  • Box seat (capacity 2 people per room): 400 yen
  • Cockpit Lounge (*) special seat: 500 yen for one person, 1,000 yen for two people, 2,000 yen for four people
    *The four-person cockpit lounge can be used from two people
    *JAPAN RAIL PASS cannot be used for any of the seats

How to purchase SPACIAX tickets?

①When purchasing online

Use the Limited Express Ticketless Service, Limited Express Ticket Internet Reservation Service

②If you purchase at the station

You can purchase at ticket machines or counters at each Tobu Line station. Ticket machines are installed at each Tobu Line station. Sales start at 9 am one month before the boarding date. Payment can be made with cash or IC cards. At ticket offices, only cash is accepted.


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