Let's go sightseeing in Izumo, Shimane from Tokyo / Yokohama on the overnight sleeper train: Sunrise Izumo!

Shimane Prefecture is famous for its world heritage sites such as "Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine" and "Matsue Castle" in addition to the famous "Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine". Among them, the Izumo area where Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine is located is very popular with domestic and foreign tourists as one of the best power spots (パワースポット - lucky spot for certain fortune such as matchmaking) in Japan!

In this article, we will introduce Sunrise Izumo, the only overnight sleeper train that operates regularly in Japan, which is recommended when sightseeing in Shimane's popular spot, Izumo area, from the Kanto area. An overnight sleeper train is very popular with backpackers and women these days, so why not use it as a means of transportation the next time you travel to Japan?

* Prices and timetable information is as of August 2022.

What is the overnight sleeper train Sunrise Izumo?

What is the overnight sleeper train Sunrise Izumo?

Shimane Prefecture has many sightseeing spots such as Izumo Taisha Grand Shrine, but since there is no Shinkansen passing through the prefecture, you will have to change trains from Okayama Prefecture if you go by train. Also, if you go by plane, it takes about 40 minutes by public transportation to move from the airport to the tourist area, which is a drawback. Therefore, sleeper trains that depart at night and can get you to Izumoshi Station while sleeping are becoming popular.

Sunrise Izumo is an overnight sleeper special express train that runs between Tokyo and Izumoshi Station. It is a sleeper train that connects 7 cars bound for Izumo City and 7 cars of 'Sunrise Seto' bound for Takamatsu. It runs on 14 cars between Tokyo and Okayama, and operates separately from Sunrise Seto from Okayama Station onward.

The body is beige and red with an elegant and bright color scheme. The interior of the car was jointly designed with a housebuilder and has a luxurious interior that takes advantage of the warmth of wood.

All sleepers are private rooms, and there are facilities such as a shower room and a mini lounge with a perfect view.

Travel to Izumo City while sleeping! What are the stopping stations and operating time of Sunrise Izumo?

Stops between Tokyo Station and Izumo City Station

Sunrise Izumo (from Tokyo) stops at Yokohama Station, Atami Station, Numazu Station, Fuji Station, Shizuoka Station, Hamamatsu Station, Himeji Station, Okayama Station, Kurashiki Station, Bitchu-Takahashi Station, Niimi Station, Yonago Station, Yasugi Station, Matsue Station, Shinji Station, and Izumoshi Station.

You can get on at stations other than Tokyo Station such as Yokohama Station, Shizuoka Station, and Atami Station, or get off at Matsue Station before Izumoshi Station too.

Travel from Tokyo Station to the Izumo area while sleeping! What is the departure / arrival time at each station?

Travel to Izumo City while sleeping! What are the stopping stations and operating time of Sunrise Izumo?

Sunrise Izumo departs Tokyo Station at 21:50 when the last train of the Shinkansen ends, arrives at Okayama Station at 6:27 the next morning, Kurashiki Station at 6:46, Matsue Station at 9:29, and the final stop Izumoshi Station at 9:58. It's very efficient because you can arrive at the site in the morning and start sightseeing right off!


About the guest rooms and facilities of Sunrise Izumo

When it comes to sleeper trains and night trains, there may be an image that makes you think 'aren't they so cramped that you can't sleep and get tired?' However, Sunrise Izumo has a wide variety of seat types to choose from, and is fully equipped with onboard facilities so that you can spend a comfortable night train trip. From here, we will look at the sleeper (seat type).

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

From here, we will introduce the interior and the sleepers of the Sunrise Izumo's sleeper train.

A-class Private room sleeper for 1 person (Single Deluxe) - Cars No. 4 and 11

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

The only A-class, the Single Deluxe. The floor is carpeted, the bed is wide and comfortable, and the comforters are not simple blankets but duvets for a comfortable and luxurious feel. There are plenty of facilities found only for this type of room, such as a separate desk and washbasin. In addition, you can enjoy your stay as if you were staying at a hotel, such as receiving amenity goods and a shower card that can be used in the shower room for free.

B-class Private room sleeper for 2 persons (Sunrise Twin) - Lower deck of cars No. 4 and 11

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

It is a private room for 2 people. Because it has a simple and streamlined structure, there is still spacious feeling for a private sleeper room even if it is used by 2 people. The beds are arranged side by side, and it is also a charming point in which you can enjoy a conversation while lying down with your family and friends.

It is very convenient because there is a bedside light on the head side of the bed, a clock with an alarm, and a control panel to operate the switch of the room light. In addition, all private rooms are located downstairs, so there is little shaking, giving a better train-boarding feel.

B-class Private room sleeper for 1 person (Single Twin) - Part of the 1st floor of cars No. 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

A private room with bunk beds equipped with an auxiliary bed, which can be used by one or two people. The upper bed can be folded, and if folded, the room can be used more widely, and the lower bed can be used as a seat. You can use it spaciously by using only the upper bed for sleeping and using the lower bed as a simple sofa or luggage storage.

B-class Private room sleeper for 1 person (Single) - Part of the 1st floor of cars No. 1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 9, 13, and 14

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

A single room with a compact layout of the minimum necessary items such as the table at the bed and feet, and the control panel at the bedside. Approximately half of the private rooms are in this form, and there are three types, upper deck type, lower deck type, and car end type, depending on the layout position on the car body, but the basic configuration is the same.

B-class Private room sleeper for 1 person (Solo) - Cars No. 3 and 10

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

There are two types of solo rooms, the cheapest private room for one person, the upper compartment and the lower compartment, and it has a compact structure that eliminates waste. The price is cheap, but because the private rooms are densely packed, the sound of opening and closing the doors of other rooms is more noticeable than single type. It might feel rather narrow compared to single, so single type is recommended if you are particular about noises and sleepability.

Nobinobi Seat - Cars No. 5 and 12

About the sleeper (seat type) of Sunrise Izumo

A simple sleeper-like seat that can be used with just Limited Express Reserved Seat Fee and Basic Fare without having to pay for a Sleeper Fare. It has a two-tiered structure with upper and lower sections, and there is a curtain on the aisle side. There is no curtain between the seats next to it, but there is a partition on the head side that hides the head, making it look like a dormitory in a guest house.

Unlike other private rooms, there are no amenities, pillows, or futons, and only one simple small blanket is provided. Therefore, if you want to spend your time comfortably, you should bring your own air pillows. By the way, both the upper and lower sections have underfloor heating, so it won't be cold even in winter.

About amenities and facilities of private room of Sunrise Izumo

The cheapest private room B-class private room sleeper for 1 person (Solo) facilities and amenities are as follows

  • Bed (comforter, mattress)
  • Power outlet
  • Sleepwear (pajamas)
  • Alarm Clock
  • Air conditioning
  • Cup
  • Hanger
  • Slippers

In addition to the above, the following amenities are also provided for A-class private room sleeper for 1 person (Single Deluxe).

  • Beds (duvets, mattresses) * Duvets will be used instead of comforter for A-class private rooms.
  • Toilet amenities (face wash foam, shampoo & conditioner, razor, hairbrush, toner, hair lotion & tonic, shower cap, cotton swab, hair tie, cotton, body wash, soap box (with soap))
  • Face towel
  • Shower card

What other facilities are in there?

Shower rooms - Cars No. 3 and 10

What other facilities are in there?

Except for the A-class sleeper (Single Deluxe), which is provided with a shower card, you can use it by purchasing a shower card for 330 yen from the vending machine onboard.

Body soap and two-in-one shampoo are provided in the shower room. A hairdryer is also provided in the dressing room. However, towels etc. are not sold in the car, so you need to prepare them before boarding.

Mini Lounge - Cars No. 3 and 10

What other facilities are in there?

Cars 3 and 10 also have a mini lounge. In the lounge, chairs and desks are installed near the windows on the high deck. You can enjoy the train windows' scenery of the cityscape along the Tokaido Line, the mountains of the Chugoku Mountains, the Sea of Japan, and even Lake Shinji. By the way, there is a vending machine in this mini lounge, but light meals or lunch boxes are not sold. Therefore, if you want to buy breakfast, be sure to buy light meals and drinks while stopping at Okayama Station.

How much does Sunrise Izumo cost? Can I use the JR PASS to ride?

JR PASS can be used for boarding, but private rooms are charged separately

The Sunrise Izumo fare is basically the total of the Basic Fare to the destination + the Limited Express Reserved Seat Fare + the Sleeper Fare. You can also use the JAPAN RAIL PASS, commonly known as the JR PASS, which is indispensable for sightseeing in Japan, and if you use a nobinobi seat that does not require a Sleeper Fare, you can use it with just the JR pass at no additional charge. However, if you want to use a private room, you will be charged a private room fee.

Price list

Sleeper Private Room (capacity 1 person)A-class Sleeper Private room for 1 person (Single Deluxe)
JPY 13,980

B-class Sleeper Private room for 2 people (Single Twin)
JPY 9,600

B-class Sleeper Private room for 1 people (Single)
JPY 7,700

B-class Sleeper Private room for 1 people (Solo)
JPY 6,600
Sleeper Private Room (capacity 2 person)
B-class Sleeper Private room for 2 people (Sunrise Twin)
JPY 15,400 (For 2 people)

B-class Sleeper Private room for 2 people (Single Twin)
* Using auxiliary bed
JPY 15,100 (For 2 people)

If you do not use the JR PASS, the total amount of Basic Fare + the Limited Express Reserved Seat Fare + the Sleeper Fare will be charged.

For example, if you board the B-class private room sleeper for one person (Single) on the Tokyo - Izumoshi section; the Basic Fare: JPY 12,210 + Limited Express Fare: JPY 3,300 + Sleeper Fare: JPY 7,700 = total of JPY 23,210.

How to buy a ticket for Sunrise Izumo?

Tickets can be purchased at JR-West's "JR Odekake Net", ticket vending machines at JR stations, and Midori no Madoguchi ticket office, but the easiest way is to purchase tickets directly at the Midori no Madoguchi on the day of boarding. However, Sunrise Izumo is so popular that the seats you want to buy may be sold out. Basic Fare Tickets, Limited Express Tickets, Sleeper Tickets, etc. are on sale at the counter from 10 am, one month before the day of departure from the first station, so it is recommended to purchase as soon as the itinerary is decided.

Also, it may be included in group tours provided by travel agencies, so be sure to check it out.

A sleeper train that is rare in Japan. Try using it and enjoy even more fun and special sightseeing in Japan!


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