【Pompompurin】Reservations are now open for the collaboration room at "Hotel New Otani Hakata"

Pompompurin Hotel New Otani Hakata
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Trending on social media! Pompompurin collaboration room. The Pompompurin collaboration room currently on sale at Hotel New Otani Hakata is now accepting reservations for June, July, and August.

"Pompompurin × Hotel New Otani Hakata"

The "Pompompurin × Hotel New Otani Hakata" collaboration started in March. It has been a hot topic on TV and social media, and there were many inquiries from people eagerly waiting for the next reservation. In the heated Sanrio Character Ranking 2024, Pompompurin recently ranked third in the interim announcement. We are looking forward to the final results on June 16th. There are still vacancies in July and August, the summer vacation season! Let's enjoy a "Pom-activity" for your summer hotel stay.

Pompompurin × Hotel New Otani Hakata: Two types of room designs

Pompompurin Hotel New Otani Hakata
Room full of Pompompurin
Pompompurin Hotel New Otani Hakata
Inventing cuteness! Lab Room

Hotel New Otani has prepared two different designs of rooms featuring Pompompurin.

Some guests enjoy staying for two nights, with the first night in the 'Full of Pompompurin Room' and the second night in the 'Inventing Cute! Lab Room'.

Pompompurin × Hotel New Otani Hakata: Limited Original Takeaway Goods

Pompompurin Hotel New Otani Hakata

Hotel New Otani has prepared original take-home goods exclusively designed for this plan. Enjoy your healing time with Pompompurin even after you return home with these goods that can only be obtained here.

Stuffed Toy

A limited-edition stuffed toy with an acrylic charm. You can remove the charm and attach it to your own bag!

(Stuffed Toy H16xW12.4xD12cm Acrylic Charm W4xH4.7cm)

Imabari Towel

An Imabari towel with a soft touch, embroidered with a Pompompurin point.


Hakata Weave Pouch

A limited-edition pouch woven with the dedication pattern of Hakata weave, a traditional craft. The gloss and three-dimensional weaving are unique to Hakata weave.


※Take-home goods will be prepared for the number of guests staying.
※General sales and sales at the hotel of these original goods are not conducted.

About Pompompurin


Pompompurin is a male golden retriever character that debuted from Sanrio in 1996. His trademark is a dark brown beret. He is a laid-back character, his favorite word is "going out", and his least favorite word is "house-sitting". His hobby is collecting shoes, and his special skills are napping, doing pudding exercises, and getting along with anyone. His dream for the future is to grow bigger and bigger. His home is a pudding basket at the entrance of his owner's sister's house.

Birthday: A sunny day on April 16th

・Pompompurin Character Page:


・Official Pompompurin X: @purin_sanrio

"Pompompurin × Hotel New Otani Hakata" Sales Overview

Pompompurin Hotel New Otani Hakata


Accepting reservations for stays from June to August 2024
※Internet reservations only


Executive Twin Room (26.5㎡)

  • Single occupancy ¥35,000〜
  • Double occupancy ¥50,000〜

※The rate includes one night's room charge, breakfast, service charge, consumption tax, and accommodation tax for 1-2 persons per room
※An additional charge of ¥4,000 per person will be applied on Saturdays and days before holidays
※Limited to 2 rooms per day




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