【FUN! QUIZ】Where do these specialty items originate from?

  • Oct 20, 2020
  • Nov 9, 2020
  • Cody Ng

Ramen, sushi, yakiniku, oden, or Japanese curry...... which of these Japanese foods do you like the most? 

How about the specialty items listed below, can you name them all and which prefecture they originated from?🗾

This is a quiz that you can answer yourself, or play with your nearby family members or friends. (Check the correct answer at the bottom of this article.) 

You can also bookmark the food and try it on your next trip to Japan!😍


Staple Food / Refreshments

Question 1

You can easily buy this food anywhere in the whole of Japan from convenience stores, supermarkets, chain stores,  or even stalls in matsuri (Japanese festivals or events) ! But, where does it originate from?

Question 2

Yakiniku? Nice! 😋

No, it is not just your average Yakiniku, It is famous especially in one place within the Tohoku area.

Question 3

What... What is this?! 😅

Look closely, there is a small metal spatula! What food is served with a small spatula?🥄

Question 4

This food is so common, how could you answer with a specific place?🤨

Then, do you know where Sanuki ___ originates from?


Question 5


Question 6

Which prefecture has the highest shipment volume of this kind of seafood?

Question 7

The smoke shown in the picture is the hot spring steam♨️ By steaming at a high-temperature with salt, the flavors of the ingredients are condensed and the original taste is preserved.


Question 8

This shaved ice cone with various toppings makes it look like a polar bear!

Question 9

 This food was brought to which prefecture by the Portuguese around the middle of the 16th century? It is a sponge cake-like sweet that is baked with eggs, sugar, flour, starch syrup, honey, etc.

Question 10

The flower is so cute!!! 🌹 This is an ice cream that is made up of crunchy pink ice and banana-flavored yellow ice in a single cone. It is very photogenic so bookmark this page and visit the place next time! 📸 😆







Time's up!

  1. Takoyaki (Osaka Prefecture)
  2. Gyutan or beef tongue (Sendai in Miyagi Prefecture)
  3. Monjayaki (Tokyo)
  4. Sanuki Udon (Kagawa Prefecture)
  5. Ise Lobster (Mie Prefecture)
  6. Oysters (Hiroshima Prefecture)
  7. Jigoku Mushi (Beppu Prefecture)
  8. Shirokuma or the Polar Bear (Kagoshima Prefecture)
  9. Castella (Nagasaki Prefecture)
  10. Babahera Ice (Akita Prefecture)

Which food you want to try the most? Leave comments and let us know!

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