Gyutan or beef tongue is a dish made by cutting a cow's tongue and frying it. A yakitori restaurant proprietor in Sendai is thought to have opened a grill gyutan restaurant in 1948 for the first time. The beef tongue industry has flourished since 1991 thanks to the liberalization of beef imports. There are now plenty of gyutan restaurants in Sendai and beef tongue menu has become the gourmet specialty of Sendai.

"GYUTANDORI" at Sendai Station!

Images provided by KISUKE

There is a "GYUTANDORI" jam packed with gyutan shops on Sendai Station's 3rd floor. The four most famous restaurant chains in the Gyuran region: "ZENJIROU," "KISUKE," "RIKYU" and "DATENOGYUTAN." This beef tongue road is generally crowded as "GYUTANDORI" is easy to access and has all famous restaurants. But if you're wondering what to eat, it's a nice place to visit.

Spot information

  • Spot name: GYUTANDORI
  • Street address: Gyutandori, Sendai Station 3rd Floor, 1-1-1 Chuo, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 〒980-0021
  • Access: 3/F of Sendai Station

Let's go to a Gyutan restaurant!

Sendai has over 150 restaurants offering beef tongue meals and nearly 70 of them are located around Sendai Station. At any restaurant you can appreciate delicious beef tongue, but we suggest eating the classic grilled beef tongue at a gyutan specialty restaurant for the first time. We also suggest using a fixed meal to order beef tongue. The tender, tasty beef tongue with Miyagi white rice's superior quality, exclusively-in-Sendai pickles, and the flavorful beef broth soup will surely offer you an incredibly satisfactory taste experience.

In addition to the gyutan restaurant introduced above, we also recommend "Aji Tasuke" which is the origin of Sendai beef tongue, "Gyutan Tsukasa" where you can eat first-class beef tongue, and “Gyutan Kaku” with its menu full of variety.

Gyutan Snack

If you visit Sendai, it is certainly best to go to gyutan restaurant for meals. But we also recommend you try beef tongue snacks that are sold as local products. A lot of popular Japanese snack brand have created gyutan-flavored collaboration products such as “Umaibo gyutan”, “Ottotto gyutan”, “Kaki no tane gyutan”, “Gyutan Pretz” and “Gyutan Babystar”. You can find them in souvenir shops and convenience stores in shopping centers around Sendai Station, and at Sendai International Airport as well. Check it out!