Cherry blossoms in Kyushu start in mid of March and although the best time is the first week of April, there are also places where you can still enjoy cherry blossoms till late April. As the proverb “The best flower blossoms later” goes, you would want to enjoy the cherry blossoms that beautifully decorate the end of the season.

1. Shiranoe Botanical Garden (白野江植物公園)

It has a collection of about 60 kinds, 800 trees in the prefecture, including a designated natural treasure, the 500-year-old Sakura tree. From mid of February to early May one can see the various cherry blossoms. Apart from Sakura, there are peony, rhododendrons and azaleas, as well as the fresh green.

Shiranoe Botanical Garden (白野江植物公園)

  • Best time for cherry blossoms: late February ~ early May
  • Address: Fukuoka Prefecture, Kita-kyushu, Moji-ku, Shiranoe 2-chome
  • Opening hours: 9:00~17:00
  • Closed on: Tuesday. Open if Tuesday is a holiday and the next day is closed. Year-end and New Year holidays (Open daily in February ~ June and September ~ November)

2. Eboshi Park

The Eboshi Park, located within Josuiji Temple, is the famous spot of the Botan Sakura (double cherry blossoms). About 500 trees are planted here and the best time for Sakura viewing is mid of April ~ early May. During end of April, the Mt. Eboshi Botan Sakura Festival is held and one can enjoy the Kagura (sacred Shinto music and dance) as well at the event.

Eboshi Park (えぼし公園)

  • Best time for cherry blossoms: Mid of April ~ late April
  • Address: Oita Prefecture, Bungo Ono-shi, Ono-cho Fujikita

3. Isshinji Temple

Isshinji Temple is located at a valley surrounded by mountains. The cherry blossoms in the valley and the Japan’s largest Buddha statue creates a fantastic landscape and it is called as the Shangri-La of Sakura. The view of more than 15 kinds of special Yaezakura (double cherry blossoms) such as green, yellow and purple Sakura, in blossom all over the valley is magnificent. The pink petals, due to the Sakura Fubuki (blossoms falling) by the wind from the valley, spread under your feet like a Sakura carpet. Furthermore, the 20m high Statue of Fudo Myoo as well as the Buddha Prayer Bell in the main hall, both largest in Japan, are famous as power spots. On 14th, 15th, 21st and 22nd April, there are light-ups and you can enjoy the night Sakura viewing.

Budoson Isshinji Temple (不動尊 一心寺)

  • Best time for cherry blossoms: Early April ~ Late April
  • Address: Oita Prefecture, Oita-shi, Megusuno 1305
  • Opening hours: 9:00~17:00, light-ups till 21:00
  • Fees: Adult 700 yen, child 200 yen

4. Ogiyama Sakura no Sono