※This article was published at August 2014.※

Hiratsuka is a coastal town located in Kanagawa prefecture along the Pacific Ocean.

The town is famous for its huge Tanabata festival in July, but otherwise, it’s a calm regional town at just one hour by train from central Tokyo.

If you walk 15 minutes from the station, you’ll arrive at the ocean.


Here is the scenery in autumn.

You can see Izu Oshima Island in the back.


Although you are not permitted to swim due to security reasons, you can still enjoy surfing, fishing or beach activities.

There are a lot of people and families coming here to enjoy beach volleyball, have a walk or just enjoy the ocean.


Even if you can’t swim, you can spend the day relaxing, have a meal or some drinks at the beach house.



Well, sometimes doing nothing and just drink an ice-coffee watching the ocean is the best way to spend your holiday.

Mountains in the back. The day I went was a bit cloudy, but you would be able to see Mt.Fuji on sunny days.


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