Kamakura is one of the most popular tourist destinations for Japanese people, not only because of its historical significance, but simply because the atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. But out of all the activities available at this ancient capital, here are 4 things every tourist must do at Kamakura.

Go See the Great Buddha


This one is a given. The Great Buddha of Kamakura is one of the three great buddha statues in Japan. The statue was built in 13th century, and has been preserved as the symbol of this town ever since. It stands 11 meters tall, looking down upon the Pacific. Once you’re there, you ought to take a look inside the statue as well. It’s not that often that you see what statues look like from the inside.

Take A Ride On The Carriage

Sirizhatr Karrassamee

If you want to look around Kamakura and know more about the fascinations of the town, you might want to take the carriage, or rikisha. The attendant will give you advices about local spots to check out and give you historical information about the place as well. Plus, taking the carriage around town is just a great experience to tell your friends back home, as there aren’t too many opportunities to do such authentically Japanese activities.

Wash Cash At Zeniarai-Benten


Zeniarai-Benten is a very unique temple at Kamakura where you literally wash your cash to purify all the evil spirits off of the money and bring more to your pocket. The temple itself is also a great place, resembling an almost Ghibli-like atmosphere where you’d have to take a tunnel of rocks to reach the temple.

See The Sunset


And what better way to end the day with a great sunset of the Pacific. What makes the sunset at Kamakura even more fascinating is that you’ll see the sun setting behind Mount Fuji. The contrast of the ocean and mountains can’t get any better than this.