Japan geographical is a narrow and long shape from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Therefore, climates and mentality of the residents are different based on each prefecture. If you compare the prefectural characteristic, you could see obviously especially the gourmet and culture are totally different. This article is different with the other articles and will help you to understand the prefecture more in order to make your trip smoother. In this volume 5 we are going to introduce you about Nara which is said to be the first city in Japan.

The longest history in Japan

Nara Residents are proud to stay in Nara, which has the longest history in Japan. Most of the small hills are actually ancient tombs!


Nara prefecture is a prefecture which treasured with ancient tombs and mausoleum because the central government was once located in Nara. Besides, most of the ancient tomb and mausoleum are maintained in good condition. While walking in the prefecture, there are green parks with small hills in the park. If you feel grateful to be surrounded by natural, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, the small hill are all ancient tombs which has long history. Please don’t be surprised when you see the kids are playing and running around the ancient tomb. On the other hand, you can find the ancient tomb shape cake selling at the stalls nearby the ancient tomb as well.

Nara Residents are proud to stay in Nara which has the longest history, and obviously they managed to blend it into their daily life.

Dig the soil land and something will be dig out!

Once you dig the soil land, for sure something will be dig out! Oh no! If then I couldn’t build a house on the land!


Since Nara is the prefecture with the long history, it doesn’t surprise even if anything special is dig out from the soil land. It is very common for Nara people to do an excavation study before build up a new building on a land. It is said that there were someone who tried to build up a house on a land, however have to stop the construction for 5 times continuously since they excavated and found an ancient spot or tomb on the land. It is really headache for them because they couldn’t manage to build the house yet even though they have tried many years working on it.

However building a house is an important culture for Nara residents. It is said that most of the Nara resident, despite of man or woman, prefer to save their money instead of simply spending the money. They won’t simply buy a luxury cars or branded item. Instead, they will save their money little by little, and build a house to prepare for future use.

Wake up early in the morning!

Nara Residents wake up early in the morning and is as early as become one of the specialty in Nara.


The proverb says "Hayaokiwa sanmon no toku” (Direct translate: You earn total of sanmon if you wake up earlier). This proverb is actually originated in Nara. Long time ago, there is a law that if a death deer is found in front your house, you will be assumed to be the one who killed the deer and have to pay a fine. Therefore, if you wake up early, even if there is a death deer in front of your doorstep, you still in time to move the death deer to other house and escape from paying the fine which cost you total of “sanmon”. There is how the proverb come from.

On the other hand, the night in Nara is also end earlier. Even though Nara is a tourism town which crowded with 13 million tourists from both local and overseas, the main spot such as the restaurant around the main station are closed at around 8pm. It is high Possibility they need to sleep earlier in order to wake up early in the next morning.

How do you think after reading the article? There are a lot of "prefectural characteristic" that cannot be accepted and believed in other prefecture resident in Japan and some are not applicable in other prefectures. Next article we are going to introduce the prefectural characteristic in Kanto area!

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