Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with "Mount Yoshino" Famous for its Cherry Blossoms

Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with

Yoshino Town of Nara Prefecture is an area containing the world heritage site Mount Yoshino. There are many tourist attractions such as spots with beautiful natural scenery and historical spots.

About Yoshino

Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with

Yoshino is a town rich in nature located in the middle of Nara prefecture. The Yoshino River flows in the center of the town, and the Ryumon mountain range spreads in the northern area on both sides of the river, and the Yoshino mountain range spreads in the southern area.

There are also many historically important spots such as ancient ruins and temples and shrines designated as world heritage sites.

Weather and Tourist Season of Nara’s Yoshino

The plains of Yoshino have a relatively mild climate, however, the mountainous areas have a significant amount of rainfall in the summer, and the cold in the winter is severe. Therefore, if you want to explore all around Yoshino, the spring and autumn, when the climate is relatively mild, is recommended. You can see the beautiful natural scenery of the cherry blossoms and autumn leaves of places such as Mount Yoshino during the spring and fall.

Highlights and Things to do at Yoshino

The tourist area of Yoshino is divided roughly into four parts: “Mount Yoshino”, “Kamiichi & Yoshino”, “Ryumon & Nakaryumon”, and “Nakasho & Kuzunakasho & Kuzu”. The following will be an introduction to the features and highlights of each area.

Mount Yoshino Area with its cherry trees and Autumn momiji 

Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with

The Mount Yoshino area is a world heritage site consisting mainly of Mount Yoshino, and is also the tourist center of Yoshino Town. Mount Yoshino is a famous spot for sakura (cherry blossom) and momiji (autumn leaves), and the scenery of pink-colored sakura in the spring, and the fresh colors in the fall spread.

In addition, there are many historical temples and shrines such as the world heritage site “Yoshimizu Jinja” and “Kinpusenji” at the foot of Mount Yoshino.

Kamiichi & Yoshino Area which spreads along the Clear Stream “Yoshino River”

Kamiichi & Yoshino is an area that extends in the middle of the Yoshino River, and the townscape of the remains of the town houses is impressive. Many old town houses such as commerce houses remain along the old highway, and it is a valuable spot that leaves its mark of the old days in these modern times. There are also temples such as “Honzenji” with its beautiful cherry blossoms, and the Ryoenji “Daishisanji Temple”, so be sure to visit. 

Ryumon & Nakaryumon Area with the nature-rich Ryumondake and Tsuburoko

Ryumon & Nakaryumon is a mountainous area in the north. The recommended tourist spots in this area are the mountain of “Ryumondake” and the lake of “Tsuburoko”. You can admire the natural scenery by climbing Ryumondake, which is about 900 meters, and strolling along Tsuburoko. Tsuburoko in particular attracts many people with its beautiful view of Ryumondake and the surrounding trees reflected on the lake surface.

The Historical Nakasho & Kuzu Area with its Ancient Ruins

Nakasho & Kuzu is a historical area that extends to the upper reaches of the Yoshino River, and the remains and artifacts from various eras from BC to the 19th century have been excavated. Many of these artifacts can be seen at the Yoshino History Museum, so be sure to visit!

Foods and Restaurants of Yoshino

Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with

At Yoshino town, there are specialty dishes such as Kuzuko, made from the plant Kuzu, as well as Tofu and Kakinoha sushi.

There are many restaurants that offer various specialties around “Kintetsu Yoshino Station” in the Yoshinoyama area and the ropeway “Yoshinoyama Station”.

Hotels and Ryokan of Yoshino

Yoshino: Nature-Rich Tourist Area of Nara with
Image of ryokan

Most of the accommodation facilities of Yoshino are concentrated around “Kintetsu Yoshino Station” in the Yoshinoyama area and around the ropeway “Yoshinoyama Station”. When it comes to types of accommodations, Ryokan or Japanese inn are especially numerous.

In addition, there are a small number of guest houses and lodgings in the Kamiichi Yoshino area.

Access to Yoshino

When going sightseeing in Yoshino, first get to Kintetsu “Yamatokamiichi Station” from Kintetsu “Nara Station”. From Kintetsu “Nara Station”, it takes about an hour and 20 minutes taking the limited express train transferring at Kintetsu “Yamato Saidaiji Station (大和西大寺駅)” and Kintetsu “Kashihara Jingumae Station (橿原神宮前駅)”.

Since you can only go to the Yoshinoyama area when going by train from Kintetsu “Yamatokamiichi Station (大和上市駅)”, take the route bus to get to the other areas. 

Spot information

  • Spot name: Yoshino (Yoshino Information Center)
  • Street address: 2044 Kamiichi Yoshino, Yoshino District, Nara 639-3111
  • Access: Take the limited express train from Kintetsu Nara Station and approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes after transferring at Yamato Saidaiji Station and Kashihara Jingumae Station.
  • Wi-Fi: Available (Yoshino Free Wi-Fi)
  • Language: English
  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International


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