There are 47 prefectures in Japan. Each prefecture has their own unique characteristic in terms of their history, nature, and culture which has formed a unique lifestyle and thinking. Some of it is unlikely to be acceptable understood by other prefecture residents. Don’t you feel it is so interesting that the small country such as Japan, it still can be divided into so many areas with different characteristics? Today, we are going to introduce you to the “Unique Common Sense” at the prefecture which you couldn’t get to know by traveling in the prefecture. This 2nd volume will focus on the South Resort Kingdom, Okinawa Prefecture. 

A slow-paced characteristic which produced by the "Okinawa time" 

In Okinawa Prefecture, they don’t have the time concept like what we have in Japan mainland. This is called "Uchinar Time" which means “Okinawa Time” in a dialect of Ryukyu language. The time fixed for a gathering is actually the time they leave the house to depart to destination. Therefore, no one will feel bad if they are late. Meanwhile, even if anyone is late for 30 minutes, no one will blame the late comer and there is no need to apologize for being late.
This prefecture's characteristic is named as "Tegerism" (meaning liberty or flexibility), or “Nankurunaisa” which are also the common sentence by their residents which meaning “There is no need to care about a small thing or past incident”.

Is Okinawa so wide until everyone uses their car even it might only take only 10 minutes to walk to the destination? 

Okinawans hate hot weather as well as sunburn. The only public transport in Okinawa is the bus but the arrival time is always not punctual. For such reasons, walking to a destination that takes more than 10 minutes’ walk is considered an impossible mission for them. Therefore, even though the area of each destination is not far, Okinawan prefers to travel via car. 

Huh? Are you serious? Okinawan cannot swim!! 

Since Okinawa is surrounded by a beautiful sea, for sure you will have the perception that Okinawans like to swim in the sea. However, most Okinawans are not interested in sea activities and even cannot swim in the sea. The only people who can dive is only the fisherman. Many reasons that cause this, which includes, no swimming pool in school, or there is minimal opportunity to learn swimming since young. Even though the present schools do have a swimming pool and have a swimming class for the students but due to the shorter class time, there is still some difficulty for Okinawans to master their swimming skills.

There is a lot of "prefectural characteristic" that cannot be accepted and believed in other prefecture residents in Japan and some are not applicable in other prefectures. Please look forward to the next coming volume of this series! Next article we are going to introduce Osaka Prefecture!

If there is any prefecture you wish to understand further, kindly post your comment to us! We will interview the local resident from that prefecture and share with you the informative information!