What are the most suitable clothes for my Japan trip? (Autumn Edition)


Japan’s autumn season is the perfect period to visit due to the comfortable climate, less rain, and the chance to see the attractive autumn leaves. The Japan geographical shape is long and narrow, and thus, there is a huge difference between the temperature of the south and north. During autumn, the north area always snows, whereas the south area has its people wear short sleeves. So, what is the normal autumn temperature in the main Japanese cities? What can be worn for each month during the autumn season? Or do I have to bring any additional item to wear? This will be explained to you today!

What can I wear during autumn season in Japan?

Autumn clothing September

Autumn season has its fashion and since coordinating your fashion is easy during this weather, be informed it is not extremely cold or extremely hot! You can visit any of the attraction spots and take so many photographs. However, there can be extreme changes to the temperature during this season. It is advised that you check your destination’s temperature prior to departing and get a few items prepared, which will keep you warm, this include a down jacket and a scarf. Asides these, the weekly weather forecast can be accessed on the website of the Japan Meteorological Agency, which can be consulted during your preparation. 

Different climate and temperatures in Japan (Autumn Season)

Average temperature in Tokyo during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 24.4℃(Highest average temperature 27.9℃/Lowest average temperature 21.5℃)
  • October Average temperature 18.9℃(Highest average temperature 22.4℃/Lowest average temperature 15.9℃)
  • November Average temperature 13.5℃(Highest average temperature 17.1℃/Lowest average temperature 10.2℃)

Average temperature in Sapporo during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 18.8℃(Highest average temperature 23.1℃/Lowest average temperature 14.9℃)
  • October Average temperature 12.1℃(Highest average temperature 16.3℃/Lowest average temperature 8℃)
  • November Average temperature 5℃(Highest average temperature 8.5℃/Lowest average temperature 1.6℃)

Average temperature in Sendai during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 21.4℃(Highest average temperature 25.2℃/Lowest average temperature 18.2℃)
  • October Average temperature 15.7℃(Highest average temperature 19.9℃/Lowest average temperature 11.9℃)
  • November Average temperature 9.7℃(Highest average temperature 14℃/Lowest average temperature 5.7℃)

Average temperature in Kanazawa during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 23.4℃(Highest average temperature 27.5℃/Lowest average temperature 20.1℃)
  • October Average temperature 17.7℃(Highest average temperature 21.9℃/Lowest average temperature 14℃)
  • November Average temperature 11.9℃(Highest average temperature 15.8℃/Lowest average temperature 8.2℃)

Average temperature in Kyoto during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 24.6℃(Highest average temperature 29.5℃/Lowest average temperature 20.8℃)
  • October Average temperature 18.6℃(Highest average temperature 23.5℃/Lowest average temperature 14.5℃)
  • November Average temperature 12.4℃(Highest average temperature 17.2℃/Lowest average temperature 8.4℃)

Average temperature in Fukuoka during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 24.9℃(Highest average temperature 28.9℃/Lowest average temperature 21.9℃)
  • October Average temperature 19.9℃(Highest average temperature 24℃/Lowest average temperature 21.9℃)
  • November Average temperature 14.2℃(Highest average temperature 18.1℃/Lowest average temperature 10.7℃)

Average temperature in Naha during autumn season

  • September Average temperature 28℃(Highest average temperature 30.8℃/Lowest average temperature 25.8℃)
  • October Average temperature 25.8℃(Highest average temperature 28.4℃/Lowest average temperature 23.7℃)
  • November Average temperature 22.6℃(Highest average temperature 25.1℃/Lowest average temperature 20.4℃)

(Source of Information: Japan Meteorological Agency, year 1997-2017)

Tips on Dress Codes for September to November

Autumn clothing September

September, the end of summer 

September in Tokyo has a hot weather as it is regarded as the end of summer. There may be a typhoon as well. Based on the weather forecast, it is advised to wear a thin long-sleeved top and a short-sleeved top to match with a denim jacket, thin leather jacket, vest, jacket, and many more. This is the season where women are advised to wear knit long tunics or long skirt, etc., while men can wear polo shirts with cardigan, etc. This is a season you can experiment with different fashion and nice autumn wear.

Autumn clothing October

October, a month of celebrating Halloween

Japan tends to be cold in October. Halloween is also celebrated in October. Long-sleeved tops and hoodie are recommended, and can be matched with duster coat, leather coat, etc. Thin or long sweaters are good as well, and remember to keep a thin down jacket with you as it may get very cold at night. Women can use a thin one piece as well as a medium thick legging. Additionally, women can also wear a shoe that can hide their toes, and use a thin scarf like cotton scarf, as a fashion and to ensure the body is kept warm.

If you decide to travel to big cities like Osaka or Tokyo, you may participate in different Halloween parties. Put yourself together with cosplay and have fun during the annual Halloween. 

Autumn clothing November

November, Autumn with chill weather

Japan is usually colder in November and also very cold in Taiwan. But since this is a very dry season, the temperature is colder than Taiwan. A warm heattech wear is recommended and can be used with a sweater and thick long-sleeved tops. Women can wear inner fabric legging or thick tight legging when wearing skirt. High warm shoes or Warm thick boots and wool socks, which can help your foot remain warm, are recommended. Remember to bring along some warm accessories like knit caps, glove, muffler, etc.

Mid-to-end of November in Tokyo is the period for ginkgo and autumn leaves picking. If you will be spending a long time picking these leaves, ensure you have your warmer clothes with you to prevent cold. 

Recommended items for autumn


1. Preventing Cold

Autumn weather usually changes and may be nearly unpredictable, and thus, you may be exposed to the excess cold. To prevent this cold, asides from wearing the warm wears, ensure you have a mask when you are somewhere with too many people, for instance, in a train. There are lots of useful items to help you manage your physical condition in Japan. You can also get things like space disinfectant spray in pen type, mobile type, and many more. These can help you prevent being cold.

2. Being Conscious of Dryness

Winter is a period when the air becomes dry in Japan. Particularly when you go to some sightseeing locations, you may get a dehydrated skin very easily. Remember to bring the mini size skin care items that can moisturize your skin, including hand cream, lip cream, etc. Additionally, after having your bath, ensure you apply some body lotion and moisturize your skin with face pack. 

3. Preventing Foot Odor

The boot fashion is a regular trend during the autumn season, since the majority of us have to use these boot, there is low breathability with them, which can cause foot odor. And since you may have to take off your shoes at some locations in Japan, you may be embarrassed with your foot odor. Nevertheless, there are numerous items in Japan that get you covered. For instance, you can use the disinfectant deodorant mold spray, charcoal dry pat, or the special material Diatomaceous earth shoes. You can choose whichever suits you from plenty of choices.


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