There are 47 prefectures in Japan. Each prefecture have their own unique characteristics in terms of their history, nature, and culture which has formed unique lifestyle and thinking. Some of them are unlikely to be acceptable understood by other prefecture residents. Don’t you feel is so interesting that the small country such as Japan still can be divided into so many areas with different characteristics? Today, we are going to introduce you the “Unique Common Sense” at Miracle World, Osaka which you couldn’t get to know by traveling in the prefecture. 

This is famous! At least one set of Takoyaki cooking tools for each family 

Most of the Osaka families own a Takoyaki cooking tools at their house. In Osaka, instead of buying Takoyaki at the restaurant, Osaka residents prefer to make it at home themselves. Therefore, almost every house in Osaka owns at least one Takoyaki cooking tools at their house. If you got chance to visit an Osaka family, you might have opportunity to see the making Takoyaki on the dining table, and eat it together with white rice as a side dishes. 

"Kushikatsu" is a famous gourmet at Tsutenkaku area. It is a food which meat or vegetables stringed in a skewer, and deep fried after dipped into flour. All the Kushikatsu restaurant has the common sauce container to be shared by several customers. Therefore, after you dipped for the first time and start eating, it is prohibited for you to dip again to the shared sauce container. This is the meaning of “Nido zuke kinshi” which you only allow to dip the sauce with the kushikatsu which you haven’t put in your mouth.

Do you know WHY Osaka Aunts always bring along candy with them? 

Osaka residents call candy as “Ame chan” to show how they love candies. Actually, there are many candy manufacturer in Osaka and therefore a lot of aunts tend to have candies in their handbag all the time. If they meet someone they like, they will try to give you candies to show the friendliness to you even though you might reluctant to receive it. It’s a kind of communication method of Osaka residents. 

Osaka Residents couldn’t speak without using Onomatopoeia

For example, when teaching direction, they will instruct as below: "You should “Pyu!” to go straight, and “Gyuun!” to turn into left at the corner, then the building will be “Dokan!” to appear in front of you!”. This is the way of how Osaka residents explain and elaborate. 

“Nori” and “Tsukkomi” in their daily conversation 

In Osaka, “Nori”(Great response during communication) and “Tsukkomi”(joke during communication) are among the top reason why Osaka residents is popular and loved by others. However, at the same time since everyone has the mindset that Osaka residents are very good in Nori and Tsukkomi, everyone has very high expectation to their joke and somehow stress the Osaka resident.

Bargaining the price is one of their culture

Osaka Residents like to challenge to bargain even though there is a big chance to fail. They used to start bargaining by asking, "How much can you make it cheaper?" right in front of the item. When they managed to buy the thing cheaper, they are very proud, showing off and ask you, "How much do you think it is?".

The distance between people is close and they are very friendly 

Osaka residents have a very friendly personality, and it is very normal for them to talk with a stranger who sitting beside. Sometimes they might ask about your annual income even that is the first time you meet with them. Maybe you might think that it is too personal and not used to it, but it is important for you to feel the friendliness of Osaka residents.

Osaka residents are really friendly to everyone. For example, when you lost something on the bus or train, almost everyone will try to find something together with you. Also, when you are hanging around when lost your way, someone nearby will voluntarily ask you and instruct you the way to your destination. If they are not sure about the way to your destination, sometimes they will call the people who is more familiar with help. Hence, Osaka is really a friendly town! 

There is a lot of "prefectural characteristic" that cannot be accepted and believed in other prefecture residents in Japan and some are not applicable in other prefectures. Next article we are going to introduce Kyoto Prefecture, the prefecture which is just next to Osaka but has a totally different prefectural characteristic with Kyoto!

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