Potatoes, which can be grown anywhere, have become a favorite food ingredient for most people, with some countries even making them the main ingredient.

Our editorial team at FUN! JAPAN has summarized articles on recipes using potatoes, which have been published on the FUN! JAPAN website and become a favorite among FUN! JAPAN users.

~ Imo mochi ~

Imo mochi / Sticky Potato Cake

Imo-mochi is one of Hokkaido's local foods. It is delicious and has an original taste. You only need a potato and potato starch powder to make this perfect snack. You can also make plenty of it and keep it in the refrigerator.

~ Imo mochi with Cheese ~

Cheese Imo mochi / Cheese Potato Sticky Cake

Mixing potato with potato starch gives it a texture like mochi (rice cake)! This time, we get more creative by adding cheese to the popular Imomochi recipe.

The mochi mochi (gummy) texture and melted cheese are a great match! It’s a perfect snack and is good for accompanying sake. It’s most delicious if you eat it quickly while the cheese is still soft and melting!

~ NIKUJAGA/Potato Stew~

Nikujaga / Japanese Potato Stew

In Japanese, Nikujaga is literally meat “niku” and potato “jaga”. You can find it easily at Izakaya (A Japanese-style bar). The meat and potatoes are stewed in soy sauce which is sweetened with mirin and sugar.

~ Spicy Cod Roe Fried Potato Ball ~

 Spicy Cod Roe Fried Potato Ball ~

Potato with a collaboration with "mentaiko" (spicy cod roe). This food is often used in Japan as a delicious side dish or snack.

~ Softy Baked Potato Salad! ~

Softy Baked Potato Salad

This baked potato salad recipe is something you'll never be able to experience anywhere else! It will be a very useful recipe for occasions such as a house party!

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