"Garden Necklace Yokohama" is an event in Yokohama where you appreciate various flowers in some of Yokohama's most famous locations, however, this year due to the novel coronavirus, parts of the event have been suspended until further notice. However, with the feeling that we still want to show the beauty of "Garden Necklace Yokohama 2020" to the entire world, we have put together a special video! We would love it if you would click the video below and experience the smell of the flowers and the feel of the sea breeze online. You may even rediscover the beauty of Yokohama.

What is Garden Necklace Yokohama?

"Garden Necklace Yokohama 2020" is an event where the townsfolk create a beautiful townscape using a combination greenery and flowers, during the event you can visit various famous locations across Yokohama city and check out all of the different flowers that have been put on display. The event's main areas include Yokohama City's Minato Area and Satoyama Garden, you can explore some of Yokohama's most famous spots while appreciating the beautifully displayed flowers. There are many different species of flowers including roses, tulips, lilies, and many more that paint the town in the colors of spring. The rose is especially recognized as a symbol of Yokohama city, and has been long appreciated by the residents of the city, with the best time to see it being May.

Yamashita Park

Yokohama's most famous park, Yamashita Park. From the deck you are able to look out onto the ocean and see the Hikawa Maru (a Japanese ocean liner) as well as appreciate the carefully kept lawn and flower beds which contain over 160 different types of flowers including a rose garden which has around 1,900 roses in one location, here you can also find the statue of a girl wearing red shoes, a symbol of the city. Nearby there are also European-style fountains, so many different amazing things to see in one location!

See the Harbor from Oka Park

Just as the name suggests in Japanese, Oka Park overlooks Yokohama Harbor. It's known as a famous spot within the city for roses, and the best time to visit is during Autumn or Spring. The best times especially being the middle of May to the middle of June, and then the middle of October to the middle of November.

Yokohama City Minato Area

"Garden Necklace Yokohama 2020" uses Yokohama City's Minato Area is it's main stage, and various events are held here. Within this large area there is Yamashita Park, Oka Park which overlooks the harbor, Nihonodori, Yokohama Park, Shinko park and many more amazing sightseeing locations. From March through June you can see many beautiful flowers such as cherry blossoms, tulips, and roses. We would love for you to see the special video below, and have fun experiencing the view of Yokohama.

Satoyama Garden

"Satoyama Garden Area" is Yokohama City's largest flower bed coming in at a total of 10,000m2. They have lots of locally grown flowers with the main being nemophila, viola, and pansies, which are displayed beautifully alongside the greenery to create an amazingly beautiful space, you can also enjoy tulips and cherry blossoms here. Within the space you can find the observation deck as well as a walking path allowing you to feel the spring breeze as you appreciate the beautiful scenery.

Garden Necklace Yokohama Hosting Information

  • "Garden Necklace Yokohama 2020" ended as of the 7th of June.

  • On the Homepage you can find Masashi Mikami giving a garden tour, please watch it if you want.
  • Please check the homepage for the latest information.

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