Kamo Aquarium is located in Tsuruoka city. It is a popular spot that stands on the coast where you can see the Japan Sea. It boasts the most types of jellyfish in an exhibition in the world which is affectionately nicknamed ” Dream Hall of Jellyfish”. They also have exhibitions of various creatures that live in the rivers in Yamagata and on the coast, and you can watch the seal and sea-lion commentary program, so there are many exceptional things to see. 

About Kamo Aquarium

Tsuruoka city Kamo Aquarium is the only Aquarium in the Yamagata area, and is located on the coast of Tsuruoka city. It is three stories high and on the first floor there is the “Pinniped Place“ where the “Seal Pool” is located and commentary programs take place. And on the second floor, there are many jellyfish and fish tanks, restaurants and shops gathered together. 

Things to See and Do at Kamo Aquarium

The features of Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium are that it has many attractions apart from its exhibitions with jellyfish, a variety of local Shonai area river and ocean creatures. For example, we would like you to stop by spots such as the “Black-Tailed Gull Spot” where you can experience feeding a black-tailed gull, and the “Rooftop Lawn Park” where you can see the vast Japan sea. 

Also, at the restaurants, you can eat unusual dishes with jellyfish inside, such as ramen and ice cream, and at the shops you can buy unique souvenirs such as candy with jellyfish inside and jellyfish plushies, so please check it out.

Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium is jam packed with various appealing things like these and we will introduce our particularly recommended things to see. 

The World's Best Exhibition of Jellyfish

Kamo Aquarium boasts the most types of jellyfish in the world, and generally this amounts to over 60 different kinds. Furthermore, they are very particular about how they make the exhibitions, among these the large, 5m diameter, cylinder shaped Jellyfish tank called the “Jellyfish Dream Theatre” is the highlight worth seeing. The sight of 10,000 “moon jellyfish” floating in the tank is magical. 

You should look out for the colourful jellyfish such as the “crystal jellyfish” that glows green and the “colour jellyfish” that comes in different colours such as blue, white and brown. 

Furthermore, in the “jellyfish commentary corner”, you can look at the different phases of jellyfish growth and listen to commentary regarding how to eat jellyfish candy. It is extremely interesting. 

Ocean Fish and Water Fish from Yamagat Coast

At the exhibition of Yamagata fresh water and ocean fish, you can see a various kinds of fish from river fish such as chars, Japanese salmon, and fish from the coast such as Red Sea bream, Japanese amberjack and red gurnard. Especially, the large tank installed by the rocky area, made with the coastal area image in mind, conveys the real environment of the ocean, where the majority of fish live.  

Sea-lions and Seals

At Tsuruoka city Kamo Aquarium, the commentary program “Pinniped Time” where you can learn about the differences between the bodies of seals and sea-lions is popular. When the trainers perform and move in sync with them, surely you can’t help but cheer. It should be noted that “Pinniped Time” is held everyday, except for at winter. (Information as of August 2019). 

Moreover, you can see the seals in the seal pool too. Please check out the seals swimming freely, lying on the ground and relaxing! 

Business hours and Ticket Price

Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium is generally open year round from 9:00-17-00. However, from the second half of July to the middle of August, the opening times are extended for. 9:00-17:30. In both cases, last entry is 30 minutes before closing. Also, the entrance fee is 1000 yen for adults. (Information as of August 2019). 

Access to Tsuruoka City Aquarium 

If you are heading to Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium, you should take the bus from “JR Tsuruoka station”. It takes 35 minutes via Shonai Kōtsu bus from JR Tsuruoka station to the stop nearest to the aquarium, “Kamo Aquarium”. The aquarium is right by the bus stop itself. 

Spot information

  • Spot name: Tsuruoka City Kamo Aquarium 
  • Street address: 657-1 Okubo, Imaizumi, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture 977-1206
  • Access: Tsuruoka Station → [Shonai Kotsu Bus via Kamo / Yunohama Onsen] approx. 35 minutes → Kamo Aquarium Bus Stop .
  • Wi-Fi: Available (entrance hall, restaurant, jellyfish dream theatre, in front of the seal pool)
  • Language: English, Chinese (Traditional)
  • Ticket Purchase:At acceptance
  • Credit cards: VISA, Master Card, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International, Discover card (only at the souvenir shop next to the 2nd floor entrance hall)