Recommended Hotels around Japan's Ancient Capital Asuka in Nara Prefecture

Asuka, the seat of power of Japan's first emperors is located in Nara Prefecture. It has many famous ancient temples and shrines as well as imposing stone tombs and tumuli which were burial chambers for nobles, such as the Kitora Tomb and Takamatsuzuka Tomb. We would like to introduce a couple of accommodation ideas for  in Asuka area, a tranquil retreat for history lovers. 

Recommended Areas to Stay around Asuka  

The Asuka Historical National Government Park is divided into 5 areas: Ishibutai, Iwado, Takamatsuzaka, Kitora Tumulus, and Amakashi-no-Oka. Each area centers on ancient tombs or palace ruins. Besides historical shrines and temples such as Kashihara Jingu Shrine, built on the spot where the first emperor Jimmu was enthroned according to Japanese mythology, are the main attractions of the Asuka area. Hotels, ryokans, and bed and breakfast can be found near these area and their respective nearest stations. To go around the wide Asuka area, it is recommended to stay near train stations.

THE KASHIHARA: Great Accessibility to Historical Sites with Hot Spring

THE KASHIHARA is located one minute's walk from Kashihara-jingumae station, so it has great for easily getting to various historical attractions. Room choices include five types of Suite, Single, Twin, and Japanese-style. There is also a range of restaurant options such as Japanese, western, and Chinese, and private rooms are also available. We recommend the breakfast buffet with many dishes made with local Nara ingredients.

The hotel has hot-spring baths, so you can choose to relax in the stone or cypress wood bath after a long journey. Use of the two baths alternates between male and female daily, so you can enjoy each bath on different days.


  • Street address: 652-2 Kumechō, Kashihara, Nara, 634-0063
  • Access: 1 minute walk from JR Kashihara-Jingumae station
  • Wi-Fi: Available
  • Language: English, Korean, Chinese
  • Credit cards: Accepted

Cafe&Pension ASUKA Near Asuka Historical National Government Park

Cafe&Pension ASUKA is a two-minute walk from Asuka Station, and is known for its cafe with highly rated menu. It is also recommended as it is walking distance from Asuka Historical National Government Park and about 10 minutes by car to many places of interest. 

You can choose from twin, triple, four-bed, and Japanese-style rooms, all of which are spacious and relaxing. The dining experience is also excellent, as guests can enjoy dishes which use seasonal vegetables to the accompaniment of relaxing music from the self-playing grand piano.


  • Name: Cafe&Pension ASUKA
  • Street address: 17, Koshi, Asuka-Mura, Takaichi-Gun, Nara, 634-0138
  • Access: 3 minutes walk from Asuka station
  • Wi-Fi: Available
  • Language: English
  • Credit cards: Cash only


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