Restaurants in the Kaga area of Ishikawa Prefecture often feature fresh local seafood and produce in their popular dishes. In this article, we will introduce 5 of our favorite restaurants for local Kaga food.


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Jibuni is a local dish that originated in the Kanazawa and Kaga areas. Duck meat, bamboo shoots, lily shoots, shiitake mushrooms and other ingredients are simmered in a soup of soy sauce, sugar, mirin and sake. At the end, they add a dab of wasabi to accent the sweet sauce, bringing out the deep flavors.

In the Kaga and Kanazawa areas, Jibuni is offered in many restaurants or as a part of your meal at a hotel. Among these, the restaurants “Bantei” and “Yamagishi” are near the station next to the Kaga Onsen Station, called Daishoji Statin, so they are quite convenient to access.

Kaga Crab Rice

Kaga Crab Rice is a luxury dish that is produced in the Hashidate area of Kaga City using Kobako crab, a type of snow crab. Kobako crab is known for being moderately fatty, with a rich miso.

There are 5 restaurants within Kaga City that offer Kaga Crab Rice. The menus are different between the restaurants, and they range from Japanese style to Western style. Because of this, while we recommend any of the restaurants, our top picks are “Kuimonya Furusato” and “Casa Fortuna”, which are near the main statio - Kaga Onsen Station. Since these restaurants serve only a limited number of Kaga Crab Rice portions, it would be best to check with the restaurants before going.

Seafood Rice Bowl

At Hashitate Port in Kaga City, many varieties of seafood are available, including red sea bream, abalone, sweet shrimp and more. Rice bowls that make use of the fresh seafood are a popular local food that we definitely recommend trying. A plus is, many of the rice bowls available in Kaga have several varieties of seafood in one rice bowl, so you can try various things at once.

Many restaurants in Kaga City offer seafood rice bowls, but we recommend “Kosen Shintoku”, which is near the port, and “Masuya” in Katayamazu Onsen.

Duck Cuisine

©Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism Federation

In Kaga City, there is a traditional duck hunting method called “Saka Miryo”. The ducks caught with the Saka Miryo method have chewy meat and do not have the characteristic duck meat odor so they are easy to eat. Dishes that use the duck meat include hot pots, meat skewers and steaks.

There are several restaurants where you can eat duck dishes, such as “Kappo Kaga”, but there are only 2 that offer ducks caught with the Saka Miryo method, which are “Bantei” and “Yamagishi”.

Kaga Parfait

The Kaga Parfait is a 5-layer parfait made with local Kaga fruits and vegetables. While it is a sweet dessert, the inclusion of vegetables makes it a popular snack food in Kaga. Because there are various vegetables and fruits in it, it’s colorful and eye-catching.

There are 6 shops in Kaga City that offer the Kaga Parfait. All 6 shops have different varieties on offer, so you should choose which to go to based on what ingredients they use or how they look. If you prefer more fruit, we recommend “Kaga Fruit Land”, or “Hachizu wo Chamise” if you prefer something less sweet.