Mount Hakusan as A Historic Mountain Founded over 1300 Years Ago

Mount Hakusan as A Historic Mountain Founded over 1300 Years Ago

Mount Hakusan is one of Japan's three famous mountains located in the Hokuriku region. At the foot of Mount Hakusan is a variety of tourist attractions such as natural landscapes, temples and traditional buildings. It is also an area where you can do outdoor activities such as climbing and skiing.

About Mount Hakusan

Mount Hakusan as A Historic Mountain Founded over 1300 Years Ago

Hakusan is a generic term for 2,000 meter-class peaks that span multiple prefectures in the Hokuriku region such as Ishikawa Prefecture. There is a history of it being a sacred mountain since ancient times. In addition, there are various ways of enjoying depending on the season, such as mountain climbing while looking at beautiful alpine plants in the summer, and skiing on slopes with great snow quality in the winter.

The Weather at Mount Hakusan Changes Easily! Be Sure to Check the Forecast Before Going

Hakusan is a high mountain, so the weather changes easily, and the temperature is often below 10°C in the morning and evening, even in the summer. Therefore, check the weather forecast before sightseeing, and try to prepare rain gear and clothes suitable for the temperature.

If you want to climb Mount Hakusan, then the pleasant summer season is recommended. At the beginning of this period, the alpine plants are at their best, and the landscape that fills the mountain is beautiful. If you are looking to enjoy winter sports such as skiing, visiting in the winter would be best.

Highlights and Things to do at Mount Hakusan

Mount Hakusan as A Historic Mountain Founded over 1300 Years

There is of course the typical attractions such as hiking at Mount Hakusan, but there are also many tourist spots spread throughout the foot of the mountain. Here are some of the recommended tourist spots.

Ourdoor Activities such as Hiking and Skiing

Mount Hakusan offers seasonal activities such as mountain climbing in the summer and skiing in the winter. Since there are many natural scenic spots and mountaineering routes, hiking is recommended. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery created by the magnificent Mount Hakusan, such as the flower field full of various alpine plants that spread near the summit, and the seven large and small lakes at the top.

Historic Temples and Shrines such as Shirayama Hime Shrine

At Mount Hakusan, there are temples and shrines that have a close connection with the mountain, such as Shirayama Hime Shrine and Rinsaiji Temple. Shirayama Hime Shrine is the main shrine of approximately 3,000 Hakusan Jinja Shrines in the whole country, with the sacred mountain Shirayama is the Go-shintai (sacred body of the kami). The approach and area with their soaring cedars and Asunaro trees of over 1,000 years have a solemn atmosphere.

Traditional Buildings that Remain in Shiramine

The Shiramine area, which spreads at the foot of Hakusan, is Japan's leading heavy snowfall area. There are private houses with traditional architecture, and they are designated as "Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings". The major features include being able to see the ocher walls and long window, and the loading entrance of firewood on the second floor of the entrance. Let's take a walk through the traditional cityscape with houses using architecture styles to deal with the heavy snowfall.

Access to Mount Hakusan

When going to Mount Hakusan, head to the nearest station, Hokuriku Railway Tsurugi Station. Take JR Hokuriku Main Line from JR Kanazawa Station, and get to JR Nishi Kanazawa Station in about 3 minutes. Get off at JR Nishi Kanazawa Station and get on the Hokuriku Railway Ishikawa Line at Shin Nishi Kanazawa Station, which is about 5 minutes on foot. It is approximately 25 minutes to Hokuriku Railway Tsurugi Station which is the final station. For sightseeing around Mount Hakusan, it is convenient to use a bus from Hokuriku Railway Tsurugi Station.

Spot information

  • Spot name: Mount Hakusan (Hokuriku Railway Tsurugi Station)
  • Street address: 4-50-3 Tsurugihonmachi, Hakusan-shi, Ishikawa-gen 920-2121
  • Access: About 25 minutes from Hokuriku Railway Shin Nishi Kanazawa Station
  • Wi-Fi: Available (Hakusan Free Wi-Fi)
  • Language: English
  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club International


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