“The Ise udon at here is delicious”

So I ordered Ise udon at this shop recommended by the locals.

“I would like to have Char siew ramen”, said one local resident.

Excuse me, shouldn’t it be Ise udon?

Juicy Grilled pork Ise udon!

Here is Ise Kawasaki.

Long time ago, a port city which is known as “ Ise’s Kitchen”, prospered by supplying supplies such as food and sundries to pilgrims by using the Seta river as a transportation mode.

Even now the old town house and black painted storehouses are remained, which has become a sentimental landscape.

This time, I was introduced about Tsutaya in Kawasaki. It is a dining place with nostalgic feel.

So the popular Ise udon was served immediately.


It surprises me when I see the actual udon.

Homemade Grilled pork Ise udon

It is not just an Ise udon with grilled pork, but is much more than this.

The presence of the grilled pork are put together with the fluffy Ise udon, the taste of the sauce and the fat of the grilled pork are exquisitely compatible, so the claims about Ise udon are true.

Delicious!! It is as delicious as I’m in a dream.

On the other hand, the locals prefer ramen and fried rice.

Another locals ordered char siew ramen.

It definitely looks delicious. But isn’t it supposed to be Ise udon here?

The father and son sitting next table also ordered ramen.

They often have ramen here once a week.

But isn’t it Ise Udon that is famous here?

“I think Ise locals are different from others; we don’t really take Ise udon. It is mostly tourist who will have it”

Actually Ise citizens will have Ise udon at home, so they will not purposely order at restaurant.

It seems like that in Ise. 

A poster with Ise accent mostly couldn’t understand it.

The sauce is cooked using firewood. After that, it is sizzled using a hot iron plate

Tsutaya has established for 70 years. Current shop is run by second and third generation.

Second generation owner
Second generation lady boss

Mr. Okudo from kitchen was surprised by my appearance.

It seems that the soup uses kelp, 2 types of dried bonito and 3 types of small dried sardines, and cook for 5 hours every day on a firewood stove.

Owner: I couldn’t do this with a gas stove.

So this is the reason.

The iron plate was heat up and sizzle into the pot where the soup is boiling.

It will get rid of the fish smell by doing this, and the fragrance of soy sauce will be more prominent.

Furthermore, the soup will put to rest for 1 day to let it mix thoroughly.

“Currently I think only us who follow such process, isn’t it?” said the owner.

It seems that the owner face the stove with ice in the mouth because it is extremely hot during summer.

The fluffy Ise udon is boiled using bamboo basket

The soft Ise udon which can be said to be a mass of tenderness is boiled using a special draining bamboo basket.

It is boiled for 30 minutes, and then follows by steam for 30 minutes.

Ise udon which took a total of 1 hour is not only fluffy but also chewy, at which I couldn’t mellow.

The specially made sauce which uses tamari soy sauce is poured at room temperature on the hot Ise udon.

It looks concentrated in appearance, but actually it has elegant and profound taste that is rich in fish and soy sauce flavor.

All of these are all originally made by me, from the beginning to the end…

Tsutaya has a history that it started from the time when there was nothing after war.

The traditional soup has been passed down with Mr.Okudo.

Ise udon and ramen are very delicious when blend together with the sauce.

If there is a person who doesn’t know the taste sits beside me, I would like to say, “Let’s try one bite!” but it was such as excellent taste that I don’t even want to give out a single piece.

Interview Date: 28.9.2018

Photo by y_imura



  • Address:2-22-24 Kawasaki, Ise-shi, Mie Prefecture
  • Phone Number:0596-28-3880


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