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Hi, have you ever seen Southern Cross? The Southern Cross is not just a single star, it is a constellation of four stars and its official name is Crux. In fact, it is the smallest among the 88 constellations. In Japan, the only place one can see the Southern Cross is Okinawa, especially in Yaeyama Islands one can see it easily. At the southern island “Kohama Island” there is a resort hotel called “Haimurubushi” which means Southern Cross. This time, we are going to introduce a 3-days-2-nights plan, centering on this hotel, to enjoy fully Kohama Island. 

Experience a Special Transit ~ From Ishigaki Island to Kohama Island~


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To go to Kohama Island where “Haimurubushi” is located, one has to take the boat to get to the island after arriving Ishigaki Island from Tokyo by flight. You can charter the “Cariina” boat operated by Pushiinushima, which handles the marine activities from Ishigaki Island. 


Source: Relux / Haimurubushi

The normal ferry takes about 30 minutes from Ishigaki Terminal to Kohama Island. If you use chartered boat, you can go around the snorkeling spots. You can do snorkeling in the shallow water rich with coral reefs as well as the ocean where you have more than 50% chance to encounter turtles. Visitors are welcomed by the elegantly swimming sea turtles.

“Dark Sky Reserve” Enjoy the Starry Sky Café at Kohama Island, Taketomi-cho


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Out of the 88 constellations of which the names are determined by the International Federation of Astronomical Unions and commonly used, 84 can be seen in Yaeyama region, the most one can see in Japan. Yaeyama region has been recognized by the International Dark-Sky Association as the International Dark Sky Reserve. A sky full of stars gives shows of romantic nights.


Source: Relux / Haimurubushi

With wine or original cocktails, enjoy a relaxing time at the “Starry Sky Café” under the starry night sky. Their menus include rich varieties of food that use local ingredients such as nachos, ajillo and assorted raw ham. You can spend a precious time with people you love and enjoy a relaxing time here.

Get Healed at the Best Location

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Kohama Island, surrounded by the largest coral reefs in Japan, with its sites of about 400,000㎡ is located within the national park. The cottage styled buildings with Ryukyu red roof tiles and coral stones are the guestrooms with more than 47㎡ space. Rooms with ocean view overlooking beautiful coral reefs or garden view overlooking the subtropical nature where tropical flowers bloom all year round are available. You can find suitable rooms for your needs, from a casual trip to a luxury trip for a special day. 


Source: Relux / Haimurubushi

Guests who stay at the Ocean View Premier, Ocean View Suite, Ocean View Bath Suite rooms can enjoy the special offer to change their breakfast to picnic breakfast. The recommended place is the Sunset Square. The sunset is superb, but in the morning, it is also pleasant to enjoy the refreshing morning breeze and ride a swing just like a child. Apart from that, another offer is that you can get a cart that you can use to move around the spacious facility with ease and to fully enjoy the wonders of the national park. Visitors are welcomed by the flora and fauna living in the abundant nature.

Can’t Finish Exploring in One Time? The Reasons to Visit Again


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From Kohama Island, you can take a tour around the islands in the Iriomote Ishigaki National Park. More than 10 courses are available, which offer sightseeing trips to the distinctive islands nurtured by the subtropical climates such as the Taketomi Island with traditional styled houses and full of Okinawa atmosphere as well as the Iriomote Island, the reservoir of natural treasures. Through the knowledge of the experienced guides, you can find the many natural treasures.


Source: Relux / Haimurubushi

Furthermore, there are a rich variety of marine activities. This is the island where you can take such photogenic photo. 


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Kohama Island is a small island where it takes about 30 minutes to go around on a scooter. How about taking a leisurely scooter ride for a “walk” on this island surrounded by ocean? With a feeling like back to the childhood, you can enjoy the new way of travel.

A Touching Experience that Stays in the Heart


Source: Relux / Haimurubushi

What about having a touching experience that remains at your heart and can only be found here at the resort hotel “Haimurubushi” in Kohama Island which offers plenty of charms and is where one want to revisit again and again?


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