“Izakaya” is a Japanese style bar which offers alcohol and snacks that nice to go with alcohol. Most of the Izakaya which located at walking street such as Shinbashi and Shinjuku are crowded with salary men who enjoy drinking after working hour. The dishes which are served as snacks at Izakaya are home cooked food such as fried chicken, Nikujaga and potato salad. You can enjoy the rustic home-cooked dishes which might different from "Japanese food" that you familiar with, such as sushi, tempura and Sukiyaki. Today, we are going to introduce you three most recommended menus among the extensive menus of Izakayas!

An excellent companion with beer! A must order menu at Izakaya! "Tori no Karaage" (Fried chicken)

“Tori no Karaage” is a dish where chicken is mixed with flour or potato starch, and deep fried in cooking oil. “Tori no Karaage” is a perfect match with beer because of its crispiness and juiciness when you eat it. If the “Tori no Karaage” is served together with a slice of cut lemon, squeeze the lemon to enjoy eating the “Tori no Karaage” more refreshingly. A plate of “Tori no Karaage” for 2 pax portion approximately costs you 600 to 800 yen. “Tori no Karaage” is also a good choice as the lunch box’s side dishes and you could find it at the frozen food section or side dishes section at supermarkets.

"Dashi Maki Tamago" that fried eggs which mixed with dashi (Soup stock)

“Dashi Maki Tamago” is an egg dishes which is a common dish for Japanese as breakfast or as lunch box’s side dishes. The soup stock is mixed into the stirred egg and cooked into “Dashi Maki Tamago”. Some of them would like to dip some soy sauce before eating it depending on their preference. In Kanto area, some sugar is added to the egg mixture to cook a sweet “Dashi Maki Tamago” but no sugar is added in Kansai area. Some Izayaka are serving the dishes together with Daikon oroshi(minced radish) and green onion. “Dashi Maki Tamago” is a dish which could make you feel warm as it tastes like homecooked food prepared by mom. A plate of “Dashi Maki Tamago” for 2 pax portion will cost you only approximately 600 to 700 yen at a chain Izakaya.

The speed menu which to be ordered upon get seated, "Edamame"

“Edamame(枝豆)” is an immature green soybean, which normally will be boiled before they served. “Edamame” with skin is boiled in the hot boiling water with some salt. And then the “Edamame” will be added with some salt as per preference and served. Only the beans inside is eaten. “Edamame” can be cooked and served easily and many customers will order “Edamame” as appetizer once they get seated. A plate of “Edamame” approximately costs 500 yen. Since the main harvesting season of “Edamame” is in summer, if there is an opportunity for you to visit Japan in summer, please don’t forget to try it! 

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