Kirishima open air museum

I have been to Kyushu many times but this was the first time to Kagoshima Prefecture.
Because I am interested in finding new places that not many people know of, this time I found Kirishima art no mori (Kirishima open air museum).

How to get to Kirishima art no mori

To get there, take a train from Kagoshima chu-o station to Hayato station then get another train to Kurino station, and then take Furusato bus to get to Kirishima art no mori.




I was relaxed during the trip to the museum maybe because it was not busy on a weekday and so not many people were around.


It was quite a distance to reach the museum but the scenery along the way was very calm and refreshing.


The water in a pond near the bus stop was so clear as though it were holy water.


After taking the bus, we finally reached our destination, Kirishima art no mori. 


 Kirishima art no mori is an open-air museum and it exhibits many kinds of art objects. The altitude of the place is about 700 meters and it is surrounded by mountains so that you can enjoy nature in quiet environment. The entrance fee is 310yen and the museum is closed on Monday so be careful when you make a plan.
There is a cafe in the museum and it serves lunch. I had a plate of curry rice which was very good. Balcony seats are available and I recommend if it is good weather.
In the vast area of the museum you can see many art objects. Another charm of the museum is that some pieces of work are exhibited for a limited time only so if you visit during the period it will make your trip even more special.



Flowers of Shangri-La" or "Akai Kutsu"

Art objects by Yayoi Kusama such as "Flowers of Shangri-La" or "Akai Kutsu" are exhibited indoor. There are many things created by other Japanese and foreign artists as well.
If you want to see beautiful art in Kagoshima I definitely recommend you to visit there !



Name: Kirishima art no mori (Kirishima open air museum)
Address: 6340-220 Koba, Yusui, Aira District, Kagoshima
Telephone no. : 0995-74-5945
Business Hours : 9:00 – 17:00 (can enter until 4:30pm)
During summer holidays and on weekends operate until 19:00(20 July ~31 August)
Holiday: Monday (If Monday is a national holiday, the museum will close on Tuesday or on the next day that is not a national holiday.)
Entrance Fee: Adult 310 yen,Student 200 yen,Children age from 6-15 will be 150 yen
URL: http://open-air-museum.org/en/

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