This is June

Summer is coming. You might think where you should enjoy in summer!
If you are in Japan, I would recommend to go to seaside. Somehow, deep blue color will make you cool and enjoy.
Surfing or swimming also good choice to enjoy in the sea as well. Have you done Suika-wari? (Japanese watermelon broking game)
Summer is the best season for travelling! Happy travels!

Okinawa is known for its beautiful sea. You can sit back and relax here!
Where: Okinawa Prefecture
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The amazing Torii gate is located in Miyajima, Hiroshima. During summer can get through the torii gate✨.
Where: Hiroshima Prefecture
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Wavy rocks surrounded by Aoshima Island, Miyazaki are called "Devil's Washboard".
Where: Miyazaki Prefecture

This place won the 3rd place of the best seller book called "I want to go the place before I die! It is one of the world spectacular view" . It also has been used as a car commercial background.
Where: Yamaguchi Prefecture
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⑤Meoto iwa
Meoto iwa meas Married couple rocks. The romantic view can only enjoy on full moon dates from Oct. to Dec.
Where: Mie Prefecture
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Love FUN! Japan, and keep in touch with FUN! Japan!

June 🌟