You’ve heard of Tokyo, Osaka, or Kyoto, but have you ever heard of Chiba? Not many foreigners know the place, but Chiba is a hidden gem that many foreigners residing in Japan love to go, some even move to, and here are 5 reasons why you should go there for your next summer vacation too.

1. It is very close to Tokyo


Chiba is located right next to Tokyo. Although it depends on the place you stay, it only takes about 30minutes from Chiba to Tokyo by train. In fact, many people living in Chiba commute to Tokyo everyday for work, so you could tell how close it is.

More so, the last train from central Tokyo runs until about 11pm, so you could have as much fun as possible in Tokyo and still make it back to your hotel or hostel.

2. It’s A Surf Mecca


Surfers from Tokyo travel to Chiba on weekends to enjoy the waves. It is considered one of the best surf spots around Tokyo with many surf schools as well. Another great thing about surfing in Chiba is that there are surf points for every surfer of any level. There are plenty of rental surfboards available as well, so all you need to do is come and enjoy!

3. Golf Ranges and Many Other Leisure Activities

Chiba Golf News

Chiba is also home to 159 golf courses, coming 2nd only after Hokkaido which is 16 times bigger in area. That number alone shows how you could find a golf course everywhere you go in Chiba. Moreover, Chiba also hosts many leisure activities like soccer fields, baseball fields, boat racing, and etc. If you’re an active athlete, there is no way you’ll be bored in Chiba.

4. Food of All Kinds


Located in the Pacific coast, Chiba is one of the richest source of seafood. You could get anything from fishes, shells, to seaweed. Also, Chiba is known for its rich soil and the vegetables harvested here feed many tables residing in Tokyo. Naturally, Chiba is home to many delicacies that keep people coming back from all over the nation. Just go into any restaurant, and you’ll find fabulous plates that you won’t find in Tokyo.