There are many attractions in Kumamoto Prefecture such as the largest caldera in Japan, hot springs, and castles. Kumamoto City is often used as a base for travelling to these places. There are many comfortable and convenient hotels in the city center, and we would like to recommend a few popular hotels.

Hotel Concentration Area in Kumamoto

Many hotels are concentrated around the area from near Kumamoto Station to near Kumamoto Castle. There are numerous high class hotels with great view, good facilities and services.

Hotel Nikko Kumamoto

Hotel Nikko Kumamoto is located in city center and is very convenient for travelling and shopping. It is walking distance away from Kumamoto Castle. The guest rooms are optimized in comfort-ability and functionality with fully equipped amenities. There are 6 restaurants and bars found in the hotel, including breakfast buffet and Japanese cuisines using selected fresh local ingredients. Its 13th and 14th floor which is renewed in March 2019 has an interior design with Kumamoto vibe.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Hotel Nikko Kumamoto
  • Spot address: 2-1 Kamitori-cho Chuo-ku Kumamoto-shi Kumamoto 860-8536
  • Access: 15 minutes on City Tram from Kumamoto Station, get off at Torichosuji Station and walk 1 minute to the hotel. Limousine bus from Kumamoto Airport which takes 40 minutes is also available.

 Kumamoto Hotel Castle

A long established hotel with a classy atmosphere, Kumamoto Hotel Castle is within walking distance from shopping places and restaurants in the city. Its interior is a fusion of traditional Japanese and modern design. 

Beds in the guest rooms are wider than usual and luxurious furniture provides a sensational hotel experience for the guests. The rooms at the side of Kumamoto Castle is highly recommended, as you can see the castle tower out of the window.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: Kumamoto Hotel Castle
  • Spot address: 4-2 Jyoto-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture, 860-8565
  • Access: 15 minutes by city tram from Kumamoto Station, or 40-45 minutes by Airport Limousine from Kumamoto Airport, get off at Kumamoto Castle/City Hall Station and walk for 6 minutes to the hotel. 

KKR Hotel Kumamoto

KKR Hotel Kumamoto is the closest hotel to the famous Kumamoto Castle. The castle is view-able from many places in the hotel, however if you prefer to view it from the room, it is recommended to get the room with castle view.

The hotel restaurants provides a wide variety of cuisines such as Japanese, Chinese, and western. The Japanese restaurant serves breakfast using fresh local ingredients and has a great view of the castle.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: KKR Hotel Kumamoto
  • Spot address: 3-31 Chibajo-machi, Chuo-ku, Kumamoto-shi, Kumamoto 860-0001
  • Access: 15 minutes by city tram from Kumamoto Station, get off at  Torichosuji Station and walk for 8 minutes.

The New Hotel Kumamoto

The New Hotel Kumamoto is next to Kumamoto Station, making it an ideal base for travelling in Kumamoto. It has high class guest rooms and some are decorated with the city's mascot bear character Kumamon.

Hotel restaurants include Japanese, Chinese, western, and cafe. One of the restaurants "FONTANA" serves buffet all day with dishes using fresh local ingredients.

Spot Information

  • Spot name: The New Hotel Kumamoto
  • Spot address: 1-13-1 Kasuga, Kumamoto-shi 860-0047
  • Access: 3 minutes walk from Kumamoto Station