3 Miyajima Souvenirs You Should Buy When Visiting Hiroshima, Japan

The island of Gods, Shrine Island, both are the name of this magnificent island. Well known for its giant Torii Gate that seems to float on water, the island is filled with memorable views. Be sure to grab some Miyajima souvenirs before you leave to remind you of the great times there. The island has some unique souvenir that only available there and also souvenirs from Hiroshima. Let us take you on for our ultimate Miyajima souvenir shopping guide.

Miyajima Souvenir Shopping

Miyajima Souvenirs Shopping List

Miyajima Shakushi

Miyajima Souvenirs Shopping List
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The Shakushi (wooden rice scoop) which is passed down from generations since the late 1700s. When the traditional monks taught the secret technique of making the mystical shakushi to the locals who were suffering from poverty, the mystical shakushi is believed to bring fortune to the people who eat with it. The shakushi is being produce in the traditional technique way till this day, it is still a famous cookware made from 100% natural cherry wood without any sort of coating. The unique feature of the Miyajima Shakushi is the red color of the cherry wood gets more vibrant and smoother as you use it, therefore the more you use it, the more beautiful it gets. Other the cookware shakushi, decorative and present ones which are up to 150cm long are available for purchase. So, be sure to grab the mystical rice scoop from the souvenir shops.

Miyajima Hariko

Inspired by traditional festival in Miyajima the local started to make decorative paper masks during the 1600, the same complex technique used for the masks are used to make beautiful hand craft known as Hariko in Japanese. As Miyajima is home to approximately 136 kinds of wild birds, the hariko craft is mostly designed as the cartoon version of the birds. The big difference between other Japanese paper masks and Miyajima paper masks is instead of attaching the washi (Japanese mask paper) to a wooden mold, in Miyajima washi to a custom plaster mold to create a defined and smooth hand craft art. Every piece of hariko is handmade to perfection, you could enjoy and experience their real beauty in Miyajima.

Kumano Make-up Brushes

Miyajima Souvenirs Shopping List
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these Kumano made brushes are also available for purchase, they are registered as a national traditional handcraft. Although they produce various types of brushes from writing to make-up brushes, they are famous for their make-up ones. With over a hundred years of tradition of making these brushes, this is definitely the brushes you should get. Many users have only great things to say about them, their superb quality have been praised by locals all over the country.

Miniature Torii Gate

Miyajima Souvenirs Shopping List
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The iconic Torii Gate of Miyajima is indeed a sight to remember, therefore local souvenir shop sells miniature models of the great Torii Gate in all sizes for your home décor.

Where to Buy the Souvenirs?

Omotesando Shopping Street is the place to be, the busiest and most crowded place in Miyajima and it is full of souvenir shops and restaurants. Which you can take your time to browse and stroll through the shops and souvenirs.

Or to save some time you could also just stop by the big scale souvenir shops which has every local souvenir, such as:

  • Name: Miyajima Souvenir Shop Funatsuki
  • Address: 586 Miyajima-cho, Hatsukaichi City Hiroshima 739-0588, JAPAN
  • Access: 5 minutes’ walk from Miyajima Pier
  • Name: Miyajima-guchi Momiji Honjin
  • Address: 1 Chome-11-7 Miyajimaguchi, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture 739-0411, Japan
  • Access: 5 minutes’ walk from JR Miyajima Station


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