Onomichi in Japan – The Nostalgic Port Town Where Art and Culture Collides

A small port town, Onomichi, is a town with a lot of historical temple on a hilly area, facing the Seto Inland Sea. Onomichi has beautiful sceneries and views that the place is also being featured in many films and popular culture, including anime and manga. People would normally come here for the nostalgic scenery and culture, but this place also has its local-style specialty ramen, which is a plus if you into ramen hunting in Japan.


Onomichi (尾道市) is a port town in the prefecture of Hiroshima, a hilly area near the Seto Inland Sea. It is well known for its trail up and down the slopes, the Temple Walk, where visitors will be lead past 25 historic temples around the town of Onomichi. If you would like to visit urban places, and don’t mind a lot of energy exerted for walking and climbing, try to visit Onomichi for the change of pace. It has beautiful scenery and had contributed and used in the literary and cinematic world.

Onomichi Ramen

Are you one of those that would cross borders for a bowl of delicious and unique ramen? If you are, then Onomichi is not a place to be missed. Different places have a different kind of ramen representation and Onomichi is one of it. Onomichi’s ramen is one that is that you can hardly enjoy its fullest potential, unless if you are at Onomichi itself.

The ramen of Onomichi is using a shoyu (soy sauce) based soup broth with is powered with chicken bones and small fished from the Seto Inland Sea, topped with fatback of pork, and flat noodle is being used. Normally just simple toppings are topped onto the bowl of ramen such as spring onions, roast pork, and Chinese bamboo shoots, but ramen is also art in itself, so different shop might have their own representation of the best Onomichi ramen.

But if you are not sure where to try a good Onomichi ramen, try this particular popular Onomichi ramen shop in the area:

  • Spot name: Syukaen
  • Street address: 4-12 Toyohi Motomachi, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0034, Japan
  • Access:
    • 7-minute on the bus from Onomichi Station
    • 10-minute on the bus from Shin-Onomichi Station

Onomichi City Museum of Art

Onomichi City Museum of Art is a museum opened since 1980. The idea and motive of the museum is to bridge between art and culture. The museum is being designed by a renowned architect, Tadao Ando. Onomichi City Museum of Art is not far from the observatory deck of the Senkoji Park, where you can get a good view of the town and the Seto Inland Sea from above. With this location, the museum offers a place to relax, and be in touch with art and culture.

  • Spot name: Onomichi City Museum of Art
  • Street address: 17-19 Nishitsuchido-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0032, Japan
  • Business Hour:
    • 9 AM-5 PM (last admission: 4:30 PM)
  • Closed:
    • Monday
    • Dec 29 to Jan 3
  • Admission Fee: (Adult) 300 yen (around RM12)
  • Access:
    • 15-minute walk northeast of Onomichi Station
    • 20-minute on the bus from Shin-Onomichi Station

Hotels in Onomichi

There are a number of hotels and guest houses you can find in the area, but some of them are on the hillside, which requires you some effort, in case if you came in with some amount of luggage. But if you decided to take a short break here in Onomichi, and wanted an option that has easy access without the need to go up the slopes and climbing stairs, here are some accommodation options you can consider to spend the night in:

Green Hill Hotel Onomichi

  • Street address: 9-1, Higashigosho-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0036, Japan
  • Access:
    • 2-minute walk south of Onomichi Station
    • 15-minute on the bus from Shin-Onomichi Station

Onomichi Royal Hotel

  • Street address: 2-9-27 Tsuchido, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0035, Japan
  • Access:
    • 13-minute walk east of Onomichi Station
    • 15-minute on the bus from Shin-Onomichi Station

Onomichi Daiichi Hotel

  • Street address: 4-7 Nishigosho-cho, Onomichi-shi, Hiroshima-ken 722-0037, Japan
  • Access:
    • 5-minute walk southwest of Onomichi Station
    • 10-minute on the bus from Shin-Onomichi Station


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