Introduction to "Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA"! From access, guest rooms, to even in-house facilities

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

When you visit Japan, where you stay and what kind of accommodation you choose is very important. The "Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA" we are introducing this time is a hotel with the concept of "a place where you can take a breather" and "a place where you can gain vitality as if you are inhaling it in", while being in a prime location just a 3-minute walk from JR Osaka Station and about 60 minutes by limousine bus from Kansai International Airport, it has an outdoor garden on the premises. In this article, we will provide basic information about "Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA", as well as its charm, the secret of its popularity, and so on. Don't forget to check out the highly-rated breakfast too!

The concept is "a place where you can be healed and gain vitality"

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

"Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA" opened in November 2019 as the first of the new hotel brand "RESPIRE" developed by Hankyu Hanshin Hotels Co., Ltd. Located just above LINKS UMEDA, which houses pharmacies, restaurants, and miscellaneous goods stores, and is about a 3-minute walk from the 3rd floor pedestrian bridge exit of JR Osaka Station, it is in the best location for shopping.

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

The part of the hotel name "RESPIRE" contains both the meaning of "healing rest" that heals the mind and body and "vitality inspire" that stimulates the senses and brings vitality. In fact, there is an outdoor garden in a place overlooking from the lobby so that guests can relax. Many trees such as cherry blossoms, osmanthus, autumn leaves, and camellias are planted, and you can feel the expressions of each season. In the garden where the "city of water, Osaka" is alive, there is a healing space that makes you forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Coffee service in the lobby, and then to the outdoor garden!

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

The hotel lobby on the 9th floor is one of the attractions with its pleasant atmosphere. The lobby, with a ceiling height of about 5m and filled with bright light, is a calm space based on Japanese style where you can heal the fatigue of your journey with a cup of coffee in hand. The hotel offers a self-service drip coffee in the lobby, which you can use whenever you want to drink.

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

After having a coffee break, be sure to go to the garden. The garden are divided into three spaces, the "Sea Garden", a Japanese landscape that impresses guests arriving at the lobby, the "Waterway and City Garden" that expresses the uniqueness of Umeda with plants, and the "Hometown Garden" where you can relax while feeling the four seasons.

Proudly present a wide variety of room types! The hotel also pays special attention to room design

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Double Room and Standard Twin Room
Left: Double, Right: Standard Twin

The rooms of "Hotel Hankyu Respire Osaka" are located on the 12th to 35th floors, with the 12th to 19th floors designed with the concept of "Plum Blossoms, the prefectural flower of Osaka", the 20th to 29th floors with the concept of "Rural scenery along the Hankyu and Hanshin lines", and the 30th to 35th floors with the concept of "Elegant Osaka and the white stone walls of Osaka Castle".

The rooms, including double, standard twin, standard triple, and deluxe triple, offer a wide range of choices, which is also the hotel's attractiveness.

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Standard Triple Room and Force Room
Left: Standard Triple, Right: Force
Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Connecting Room
Connecting Room

For large groups such as multi-generational trips, our popular options include the Force room that can accommodate up to four people, and the Twin/Triple rooms. These rooms are connected by an interior door and can accommodate up to five people.

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA View from the North side guest rooms
View from the north side rooms

If you're looking for a room with a great view, we recommend those on the 20th floor or above. From the north side rooms, you can see the Yodogawa River, and from the south side, you can see the area around JR Osaka Station. On clear days, you can even see Abeno Harukas in Tennoji and Mt. Ikoma in Nara Prefecture.

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

Amenities can be picked up at the front lobby. You can take what you need to your room, such as toothbrushes, hairbrushes, razors, tea, and instant coffee stick. In addition, rooms on the 30th floor or above have their own coffee makers, so you can enjoy free coffee whenever you like. All rooms have separate baths and toilets, and the washbasins are also separate, which is a nice feature. The bath amenities (shampoo, conditioner, body soap) are hotel originals, inspired by the scent of Japanese tea.

Boasting a breakfast restaurant and a diorama guide using the AR system

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Breakfast, meal, restaurant

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Breakfast, meal, restaurant

For breakfast, head to the 9th floor restaurant "Grigliato CUÓCA". The restaurant has a high ceiling for an open atmosphere, and inside the open kitchen, there is a stone oven and a wood-burning oven. Breakfast is served buffet style, with "oven-baked vegetables" cooked in a stone oven and "croissants" and "chocolate danishes" baked in-house for Western cuisine, and "inari sushi", "rolled omelette", and "takoyaki" for Japanese cuisine.

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Breakfast, meal, restaurant
Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA Breakfast, meal, restaurant

For lunch and dinner, you can enjoy the hotel's special grill dishes cooked in a wood-burning oven and a variety of wines. We recommend a course where you can choose a main dish that comes with all-you-can-eat dolce and an after-meal drink. You can enjoy a relaxing meal in a spacious space with a large chandelier and a view of the garden.

Well-equipped and services! Services for infants and toddlers are also available

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA

The hotel offers a variety of services for foreign visitors to Japan. They have staff who can speak English, Chinese, and Korean, so even first-time visitors to Japan can feel at ease.

Near the front desk, there is the diorama AR guide "MUSUBI". "MUSUBI" introduces recommended tourist spots along the Hankyu and Hanshin lines using an AR system. There is also a system that allows you to download tourist information to your smartphone, and it supports English, Chinese, and Korean.

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA in-house facilitations

In addition, the hotel offers a luggage delivery service from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport (for a fee), a coin laundry (for a fee), and a "foreign currency exchange machine" that can exchange 14 currencies including USD and EUR into Japanese yen. There is also a full-fledged fitness room (free for guests) with bikes, reclining bikes, and adjustable benches.

Introduction to Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA
Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA facilitations

One of the key points is its family-friendliness. To help reduce the amount of luggage that tends to increase during travel, the hotel offers free rental of baby goods such as strollers, handy kids scooters, bedwetting sheets, children's pajamas, baby baths, auxiliary toilet seats, diaper pots, picture books, and tableware, so families with infants can stay with peace of mind.

In the lobby on the 9th floor, there is also a nursing room with a hot water dispenser for making baby formula and a diaper changing table. It's quite rare to find a hotel with a nursing room equipped with a hot water dispenser for making baby formula, so be sure to keep that in mind!

Great location! Convenient access from the airport to "Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA"

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA View from the guest room

Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA is conveniently located about 3 minutes on foot from JR "Osaka Station" and about 5 minutes on foot from Hankyu Train "Osaka Umeda Station" and Osaka Metro Midosuji Line "Umeda Station".

If you access from Tokyo or Nagoya by Shinkansen, you can get to JR "Osaka Station" in just one station after getting off at JR "Shin-Osaka Station". Also, from Kansai International Airport, it takes about 60 minutes by limousine bus to "Shin Hankyu Hotel". After getting off the bus, it's about a 3-minute walk to "Hotel Hankyu Respire Osaka", so you can rest assured even if you have heavy suitcases.

Also, in the same building where the hotel (floors 9-35) is located, there are Yodobashi Camera Umeda and LINKS UMEDA (Links Umeda) on floors 3-8. They handle a variety of products, from SIM cards and conversion plugs to daily necessities and brand-name goods, so you won't have trouble shopping.

With good access, guest rooms, breakfast, and in-house facilities, everything at "Hotel Hankyu RESPIRE OSAKA" is designed with the guest in mind, so you can relax and enjoy your stay. Be sure to stay here on your next visit to Japan!

Spot Information

  • Name: Hotel Hankyu Respire Osaka
  • Address: 1-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka
  • Access:
    • About 3 minutes on foot from the 3rd floor connecting bridge exit of JR Osaka Station
    • About 6 minutes on foot from JR Osaka Station (Umeda underground exit)
    • About 5 minutes on foot from the central ticket gate of Hankyu "Osaka Umeda Station"
    • About 10 minutes on foot from the department store exit of Hanshin "Osaka Umeda Station"
  • Check-in: 15:00
  • Check-out: 12:00
  • Languages Supported: English, Chinese, Korean
  • Official Website:


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